Tuesday, May 04, 2010

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To the Family Research Council:
I was speaking to my accounting team just today about making a sizable endowment to the Family Research Council, but then I heard news of George Alan Rekers being caught in Miami International Airport in the company of a male prostitute.

I accept Rekers' explanation that he'd just had surgery and couldn't carry luggage. But could he not have been accompanied by a young deacon or divinity student or a member of our military who was on leave?

I know the Family Research Council is concerned with research and not telepathy, but why in the world would Rekers take a chance on having such an embarrassing misunderstanding occur?

For the moment, my endowment to the Family Research Council is on hold.

Until I hear a reasonable and full explanation about why George Alan Rekers chooses to travel with male prostitutes, my checkbook is closed to you.

Good day,
Pastor Whetam Gnauckweirst

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