Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dorian Gray rises from the dead in Windsor, Ontario

Oscar Wilde, author of The Picture of Dorian GraySo, the bear-trap of bad luck snapped shut on my play Dorian Gray. The day before it was to be performed at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Windsor, Ontario, the theatre closed; gone bust. The official nuts-and-bolts of the story is more complex than this, but the net effect is the same.

From The Windsor Star: Capitol cancels rest of season
The Capitol’s decision leaves several community groups scrambling to find venues for their events.

Canada South Performing Arts’ production of Dorian Gray, by local writer Matthew St. Amand, was scheduled to open Saturday.
Dispatch from Florida:

A good friend suggested that my next play be a Pinter-esque slapstick comedy about trying to get a play on the stage in Windsor. This is an idea worth pursuing, but not yet. Dorian Gray refuses to die in Windsor, Ontario. A new venue has been found -- Mackenzie Hall (Mackenzie Hall, 3277 Sandwich St., box office: 519-255-7600, tickets $20)-- and the play will be performed Friday March 16th and Sunday March 18th both nights at 8 p.m..

This is the second interruption in the play's schedule. It was first set to be performed in late October 2006, but the production was postponed with slow tickets were cited as the reason. When the Capitol Theatre closed on March 9th 2007, it was, for me, like becoming a widower for the second time. I can't imagine the level of disappointment that was felt among the dedicated and talented cast and crew who had put in so many long hours of planning and preparation. But there we were, a collective groom standing at the marriage altar with a second dead bride.

But there appears to be movement beneath the death shroud covering Dorian Gray. Dorian and his story will not simply fade away.

As Oscar Wilde was personally ensnared by the mores and politics of his day, petty municipial politics in the city of Windsor (recently maligned on national television by none other than Stephen Colbert as "the worst place on earth") have nearly driven a splintered wooden stake into the heart of Dorian Gray. Nearly. But art outpaces bureaucracy every time. The Windsor beancounters have put their crooked thumbprints all over this production and are probably as satisfied with having done that to the extent that their rats' value system can feel satisfaction. But the Windsor artists have prevailed in the more important arena -- their play is going to be performed.

From the play's director, Mark Lefebvre:

Canada South Performing Arts presents

Dorian Gray

by Matthew St. Amand
adapted for the stage from the Oscar Wilde novel

The show is being moved to Mackenzie Hall due to the closure of the Capitol Theatre

New dates are Friday March 16 & Sunday March 18 both at 8 p.m.
Mackenzie Hall, 3277 Sandwich St.
Box office: 519-255-7600
Tickets $20
Limited seating






Bill The Man said...

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Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

Now this is really getting fucked up. I've been accused of being a Holocaust denier, been criticized by pro-spam minions, now evangelized on my blog.

No doubt, Bill, you're another St. Augustine.

There is nothing more arrogant in my experience than this false humility practiced by Christians. You know the truth, you've seen the light. Bullshit. As for criticism, there's nothing sadder and more pathetic than watching a Christian of your zeal defend his "faith." Yes, Christians are revered the world round for their open-mindedness and willingness to hear other opinions.

Pray away, Bill. Knock yourself out.

You have provided me with one guilty-pleasure recreation, though -- allowing me to indulge in a passtime that grows more fulfilling the more often I practice it. Telling Christians:

To fuck off!