Sunday, March 12, 2006

Deflated "Dr. Howdy" the SPAMMER cries "Uncle!"

Part I

See if you can follow this chain of events:

* SPAMMER "Dr. Howdy" posts on my blog -- where any and all opinions (except those from exposed SPAMMERS) are welcome

* Soon after SPAMMER "Dr. Howdy" posts here I receive an onslaught of SPAM from SPAMMER "Dr. Howdy"

* I write to "Dr. Howdy" asking to be taken off his emailing list. I hate the kind of stuff with which he fills his "newsletters"

* Nothing happens; SPAM from "Dr. Howdy" continues to arrive

* I visit "Dr. Howdy"'s convoluted laugh-at-the-SPAM-victim unsubscribe page and find that the so-called information I require to get off his list is not in the email newsletter he sends to me

* SPAM continues to arrive from "Dr. Howdy"

* One too many items of SPAM arrives from "Dr. Howdy" and I vociferously communicate my displeasure to him. To which "Dr. Howdy" makes no offer to unsubscribe me, but weirdly informs me that someone else signed me up for his newsletter (something I am going to pursue and investigate with Yahoo! Groups until I'm satisfied)

* I ask "Dr. Howdy" the SPAMMER to identify who signed me up for his lame newsletter -- no reply about this; a hollow pantomime of "ethics," no doubt

* I write a blog posting here unmasking "Dr. Howdy" as a SPAMMER -- squishy blind things that dwell beneath rocks hate it when they are exposed to the light

* "Dr. Howdy" posts on my blog, contrite, tail-between-his-knocked-knees, saying, "Hey man, what's the problem? Anyone can unsubscribe from my newsletter any time." This is an outright lie -- if it were that easy, I would not have had to go to all of the trouble of unmasking "Dr. Howdy" as the SPAMMER he is

"Dr. Howdy" and his kind (i.e. SPAMMERS who scoop peoples' email addresses without their knowledge or permission and then plague these unsuspecting victims with SPAM) are not welcome inside the hotdog factory.

After numerous verbal squirts of Murphy's Oil Soap on "Dr. Howdy" via his blog, hoping simply to get my point across that I want him to leave me alone, he sulks and skulks around here, whining like some wounded thing. When, in fact, he has proven to have the resilience and soul of a cockroach. I'm not fooled.

So let this put "shut" to this miserable situation.

P.S. Howdy -- my readers are not only well familiar with my use of bad language, it's often applauded. Posting an edited version of one of my missives to you in the Comments section of a posting will shock no one.


Ascendantlive said...

what an ass, anyone can make up quotes. We can only hope a knowledgable hacker makes his computer dance across his table before it self-destructs.

"Dr. Howdy" doubtless deals only with liars and thieves, addicts, cross dressers, and child molesters.
bty, what's wrong with cross dressers? Marcel DuChamp looked great in a dress, or so I hear.

Fight the Good Fight.

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

If ole Dr. asshole just kept to himself I'd never have breathed a word about him. But he somehow thought it would be a good idea to badger the hell out of me and soon learned what happens when one fucks around with a writer.

Yeah, apologies to cross dressers -- I was in a moment and pulling everything off my mental shelves that I could reach.

Ascendantlive said...

I understand getting on a roll, it was a good rant. Bty, thanks for the links to my sites.

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

As a postscript to this insignificant drama, ole Howdy the SPAMMER has somehow miraculously taken me off his SPAM list. The rotter also added a lie to his "sign-up" info about people signed up against their will or without their knowledge will be sent "verification" emails. This is like a thief in the night sending a card in the day warning his intended victims. I would like to think this piece of SPAMMER flotsam has grown a conscience, but I think it's more likely I have cornered him into realizing his fun and frolic led him into territory that may be viewed by authorities, or at least proprietors, as illegal and unethical.

Mercurior said...
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