Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Threat To Israel Is Threat To Canada, Defence Minister Peter MacKay Tells Israeli Military Commander

To my Member of Parliament after reading Threat To Israel Is Threat To Canada, Defence Minister Peter MacKay Tells Israeli Military Commander:

So, the transformation of Canada into a Franksteined version of George W. Bush's America continues.

Who are the Conservatives trying to impress with such rhetoric, with Peter MacKay saying "A threat to Israel is a threat to Canada"?

Are you trying to impress the US?  I thought that was covered by the Harper Government handing Canadian sovereignty over to the Yanks piecemeal.

Are we showing England and the rest of Europe that we can be as stupid as the United States?

Are we trying to antagonize Arab countries that ordinarily wouldn't give Canada a second thought?

MacKay's statement sounds like the first volley in what America does so well: manufacturing an enemy.

How else to justify the purchase of new and more military equipment?  How else to justify increased intrusion into the privacy of Canadians? 

Manufacture and enemy and tell Canadians its all in the name of keeping Stephen Harper's citizens safe.

For the record, many of us know can see MacKay's provocative words for what they are.  On your best day, you've never hard more than 30-some percent of the country supporting you.  On your best day.

I can't blame the Harper Government, though, for being so smug and smarmy.  After all, winning a majority government when it was so sorely undeserved, how could you not view the Canadian citizenry with such contempt?  

You're like the batterer in an abusive relationship; driven by anger, but equally driven to cause harm for the disdain and disrespect you feel for Canadians.  And the abuse continues because too few Canadians educate themselves about what the Harper Government is really all about.  

It's about becoming America Lite, a Police State where you're either on the side of the government or the child pornographers.  You should replace the maple leaf on the Canadian flag with a 1 and a 0 to represent the Harper Government's ingrained, unbudging binary thinking.

What an aberrant and disgusting vision of Canada the Harper Government has.  Absolutely contemptible on every level.

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OffToWork9 said...

Why not just put the 1 and the 0 on either side of the Maple Leaf? And then add a bunch of stars to solidify our brotherhood with the US. Great blog entry!