Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupid is the new normal

Dear America:

My condolences that health care reform was passed. It'll no doubt sink the United States.

How can a country look after its citizen when it should be buying more battleships?

All I can hope for you is that President Platitude's conscience will revolt against actually winning a fight in Congress and that his guilt will make him veto this destructive law.

What is the country going to do if all these sick, uninsured people get care and regain their health? There aren't jobs for all of them! Shopping malls and theme parks aren't set up to handle an influx of suddenly healthy, curious former shut-ins. Transit systems will collapse. How will the stock market react?

And you know what's been forgotten in the morass of the health care debate? Pharmaceutical company executives. How is Congress going to explain to the innocent, wide-eyed children of these executives that they may not get that new desert island for their birthday? Or that new jet, or have the latest winner of American Idol perform at their birthday party? These people have lifestyles to maintain!

This is exactly why sick people are called sick. Because they're sick to suddenly want to get well. Society's learned to not only function without them, it thrives on their absence.

What'll this do to climate change? Were the polar ice caps mentioned once during this year-long torture session in Congress? No!

That T-shirt party better get itself mobilized and come up with new and better chants like "Bombs! Not Band Aids!" "Nukes! Not Nurses!" "Wars! Not Wards!"

"Palin 2012! Not Patient Care!"

This may all too soon become a thing of the past. What would Ben Franklin say?

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