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How will the U.S. White House respond to calls for an apology over C.I.A. probe?

Background on the CIA Leak Case

Democratic leader wants apology from Bush, Cheney

Democrats demand answers in CIA leak probe

"Go fuck yourself!"

"I suppologize that you un-understood our strategery."

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

George W. Bush - Falling Poll Numbers Call for Another "Failure of Imagination" to Pump Them Back Up

I am Canadian. I couldn't care less if one of the South Park characters was elected president of the U.S.A.. The American political process interests me to the same degree the British system interested me when I lived in Ireland a few years ago: only the myopic, apathetic, or idiotic do not care what is occurring with their neighbors.

I followed the 2000 U.S. presidential campaign, interested in the fact that the son of a former president was running for office. I had little opinion about George Bush senior, but immediately developed opinions about George W. Bush. More than his mangling of the English language, more than his utter inexperience in government, politics, and his unbroken string of failures in the corporate world, it was his fogbound, pin-hole perspective on the world at large that led me to deduce the man an absolute imbecile; a man of murderous stupidity. The man's massive incuriosity, his child's attention span, his utter ignorance about the world; his utter lack of personality, wherewithal, belief system and character were pungently apparent early in his campaign.

What only accentuated my perception of George W. Bush as a spoiled, witless fratboy who has navigated his way through life on the currency of his family's name was the lack of criticism his persona and platform received in the media. My opinions were not formed or swayed by any so-called liberal lambasting of the man. There was no need for anyone to parody, satirize or otherwise insult or mock George W. Bush -- the man is his own neon travesty.

I'm one of these weird people who forms his own opinions. I think for myself. As I heard sound bytes of W.'s speeches, I marvelled at the lack of realistic analysis his views received. During his debates with Al Gore, there were a few moments when my disgust for George W. Bush morphed into actual pity -- seeing the man struggle with his mother tongue, articulating ideas he'd been coached on but which obviously made no coherent sense to him. Then to hear on the morning radio shows the following day how W. had cleaned Al Gore's clock in the debate. Beyond bizarre.

The debacle of the 2000 election seemed entirely inevitable. Hearing how Jeb Bush employed ChoicePoint to create those "purge lists" on the voting rolls in order to strip as many African Americans of their voting rights didn't strike me as far-fetched. W. winning the election struck me as ridiculous. But when it became apparent W. would actually become an unbothered squatter in the White House, one of the first opinions about him as president that I formed was that he would be the first U.S. president to resign from office out of boredom. It was clear the man was not cut out to do an honest day's work, no matter the venue. It was clear he was absolutely not up to the demands placed on presidents.

As with every other endeavor W. has embarked upon during his meandering life, I figured he would get bored with being president and simply walk away.

But he hasn't.

Having observed W. over these past five years -- through the presidential campaign and his first term as president -- a pattern has emerged: he's not good at being president, doesn't seem to derive any satisfaction from the job, and gets into these funks where his poll numbers slip like his grades through his academic career. The pattern that has emerged is when W.'s poll numbers decline, some radical "failure of imagination" occurs.

In the weeks before the 9/11 attacks, I recall W. was looking ahead to the unpleasant task of presenting some sort of vision to Congress and the Senate when they came back from summer adjournment. But then those tragic attacks took place, and W.'s football coach vocabulary and outlook suddenly became an asset to him.

The second "failure of imagination" was the response to Hurricane Katrina at the end of this summer. The only difference between the federal response to Hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 attacks, is that Hurricane Katrina was not within the power of American law enforcement and intelligence to be stopped.

There is much talk in the media right now about an "avian flu" with comparisons to the massive 1918 flu pandemic that killed tens of millions of people worldwide. Will an outbreak of this avian flu in the United States be the third "failure of imagination" for George W. Bush's administration?

As a Canadian citizen, I am interested in and disgusted by George W. Bush because he is a global problem, like global warming, nuclear arms, STDs, etc.

To this point, the "failures of imagination" under W.'s watch have been passed off as being unforeseen. George W. Bush's poll numbers are free-falling once again. What cataclysmic event will take place to buoy them?

Friday, October 21, 2005

BANNED: Documentary "Conspiracy of Silence" - The most heinous story I have ever encountered

The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse

Chapter 22 - "Omaha Call Boys" from George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin

Banned in North America, the documentary Conspiracy of Silence begins with the following notice:
On Tuesday May 3rd 1994 this program was scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel. (For the best viewable version go to Best Online Documentaries and navigate in its menu: Mystery > Conspiracy Theories > A-M > Conspiracy of Silence.)

Influential members of Congress applied pressure to the cable industry to stop the airing of the program and destroy ALL COPIES!

It was already listed nation-wide in the April 30th-May 6th edition of TV Guide and newspaper supplements.

The Discovery Channel and Yorkshire Television were reimbursed for the quarter to half-MILLION dollars production costs.


Conspiracy of Silence tells the story of Lawrence King, a GOP insider and convicted embezzler, who lived and worked out of Omaha, Nebraska. The sordid saga began with the collapse of the minority-oriented Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, directed by Lawrence E. King, Jr., a nationally influential black Republican who sang the national anthem at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican conventions.

When his S&L offices were raided, authorities stumbled upon a most unexpected trove of incriminating evidence -- not only of financial malfeasance, but of a shocking pedophile ring run by Lawrence King. Not only had King embezzled $40 million from his business, but he took gross advantage of children from the legendary Boys Town orphanage, which was right in his own backyard. King presided over a pedophile ring that provided the sexual favors of children as young as ten years to prominent businessmen, politicians, and even the Omaha police chief. Numerous photographs were taken and copious amounts of video shot of these men engaged in perverse sexual acts with children.

Photographer Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson "was allegedly employed by a former Republican Party activist to take pictures of current or retired U.S. House-Senate members and other prominent government officials engaging in sexual criminality by receiving or committing sodomy and other sex acts on children during the Reagan-Bush 41 administration."

One of the most vocal victims of this pedophile ring is a man by the name of Paul Bonacci, who names among his abusers Democratic Congressman Barney Frank. "... Bonacci -- kidnapped and forced into sex slavery between the ages of 6 and 17 -- told U.S. District Court Judge Warren Urbom in sworn testimony [pp.105, 124-126] on February 5, 1999: "Where were the parties?...down in Washington, DC...and that was for sex... There was sex between adult men and other adult men but most of it had to do with young boys and young girls with the older folks... specifically for sex with minors...Also in Washington, DC, there were parties after a party... there were a lot of parties where there would be senators and congressmen who had nothing to do with the sexual stuff. But there were some senators and congressmen who stayed for the [pedophile sex] parties afterwards...on a lot of the trips he took us on he had us, I mean, I met some people that I don't feel comfortable telling their name because I don't want to --- ...Q: Are you scared?... Yes..."
John DeCamp reads from Paul Bonacci's diary as quoted in DeCamp's book The Franklin Cover-up:

"I went in January of '84 on every trip. I was paid by men King knew for sex. The summer of '84 sometime I went to Dallas, Texas and had sex with several men King knew in a hotel. I flew on YNR airlines (by the way that’s a private airline or a private charter deal) and Cam airlines (another private charter deal) normally for King. I never had much personally to do with King only went where he told me to go.

"In or on July 26th, I went to Sacramento, CA. King flew me out on a private plane from an airfield in Omaha to Denver where we picked up Nicholas. A boy who was about 12 or 13, then we flew to Vegas to a desert strip and drove into Las Vegas to some ranch and got something. Then flew on to Sacramento. We were picked up by a white limo and taken to a hotel. I don't remember the name of it. We, meaning Nicholas and I, were driven to an area that had big, big trees. It took about an hour to get there. There was a cage with a boy in it who was not wearing anything. Nicholas and I were given these Tarzan things to put around us and some stuff like that. They told me to, (I won't use the word) blank the boy and stuff. (In other words have sex with him.) At first I said no and they held a gun to my genitals (I'll use that word) and said do it or else lose them or something like that. I began doing it to the boy and stuff. And Nicholas had anal sex and stuff. We were told to blank him and stuff and beat on him. I didn't try to hurt him.

"We were told to put our blanks in his mouth and stuff and sit on the boy’s blank and stuff and they filmed it. We did this stuff to the boy for about 30 minutes or an hour when a man came in and kicked us and stuff in the genitals. And picked us up and threw us. He grabbed the boy and started blanking him and stuff. The man was about (I'm not sure how to say this) the man was about so many inches long and the boy screamed and stuff. The man was forcing his blank into the boy all the way. The boy was bleeding from his rectum and the men tossed me and him and stuff and put the boy right next to me and grabbed a gun and blew the boy's head off. The boy's blood was all over me and I started yelling and crying and the men grabbed Nicholas and I and forced us to lie down. They put the boy on top of Nicholas who was crying and they were putting Nicholas's hands on the boy’s blank. They put the boy on top of me and did the same thing. They then forced me to blank the dead boy. (It gets pretty crude.) They put a gun to our heads to make us do it. His blood was all over us. They made us kiss the boy’s lips. (Anyway, a few other things.) Then they made me do something I don't even want to write so I won't.

"After that the men grabbed Nicholas and drug him off screaming. They put me up against a tree and put a gun to my head but fired into the air. I heard another shot from somewhere and then saw the man who killed the boy drag him like a toy. Everything including when the men put the boy in the trunk was filmed. The men took me with them and we went up in a plane. I saw the bag the boy was in. We went over a very thick brush area with a clearing in it. Over the clearing they dropped the boy. One said the men with the hoods would take care of the body for them.

"I didn't see Nicholas until that night at the hotel. He and I hugged and held each other for a long while. About 2 hours later the men or Larry King came in and told us to go take a shower since we'd had only been hosed off at some guy’s house. We took a shower together and then were told to put on the Tarzan things. And after we were cleaned up and dressed in these things we were told to put on shorts, socks and a shirt and shoes and were driven to a house where the men were at some others. They had the film and they played it. As the men watched it they passed Nicholas and I around as if we were toys..."
Bonacci's lawyer, John DeCamp, has waged a long, lonely and expensive legal campaign in exposing crimes involving an international pedophile-pornography ring.

In 1991, DeCamp filed a 12-count suit in federal court, charging 16 prominent individuals and institutions, including Lawrence E. King, Omaha World Herald Publisher Harold Andersen and the Omaha Police Department with conspiracy to deprive Paul Bonacci of his civil rights. DeCamp's suit detailed slander, false imprisonment, child abuse, assault, battery and infliction of emotional distress suffered by Bonacci.

The complex case also involved high-level politicians, business leaders, judges and police officials with connections to the drug distribution/money laundering operations known as "Iran"-Contra which goes back to then Vice-President George Bush. DeCamp, a former Nebraska State Senator, even wrote a groundbreaking book about the sordid history of the case called The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska. More

The evening of July 11, 1990, Gary Caradori, the investigator for the Nebraska State Legislature, Special Committee, called Senator Loran Schmit, Chairman of the Committee, from Chicago and told him he had the "smoking gun". Caradori told Senator Schmit he would fly that night from Chicago on his private plane with his son en route to Lincoln, Nebraska, with the evidence. The plane exploded in mid-air a short time later while flying over Aurora, Illinois killing Caradori and his 8-year-old son.

Officials claimed the plane disintegrated in mid-air. They denied an explosion took place. De Camp writes in his book, "The Franklin Cover-Up"; "A farmer reported he saw a flash of light, heard an explosion, and saw the plane plunge to the ground .The eyewitness account of the flash of light and the explosion was on the early edition of television news in Nebraska, but was pulled from subsequent reports which said that the plane exploded on impact". (p. 2-3)

Bob Wadman, former Chief of Police of Omaha, and a perpetrator identified by the children, was Chief of Police in Aurora at the time.

Caradori’s briefcase and the rear seat to the plane have never been found. Ted Gunderson, suspects his briefcase contained the evidence mentioned the previous night to Senator Schmit, probably the incriminating materials, including photographs, provided by Rusty Nelson to Caradori. The rear seat to the airplane was not found, Gunderson suspects, to avoid evidence of a bomb.

The wreckage of the plane was examined on a military base rather than at a location under the control of civilian personnel. Under the Federal Delimitation Agreement, civilian personnel matters are handled by civilians and military matters are handled by the military. The crash was ruled an "accident" by government officials and not an act of sabotage.

Both Gunderson and Noreen Gosch, mother of missing-child Johnny Gosch, later learned that Caradori had in his possession evidence that her son was a victim of the Franklin satanic cult/sex/drug ring. Paul Bonacci and Rusty Nelson have both provided detailed testimony attesting to this.

Gary Caradori repeatedly told friends in the weeks before his death that he feared his plane would be sabotaged.

The documentary ends with the following note:
You have just viewed the rough edited copy of CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE.

This tape was sent anonymously to Nebraska Attorney John DeCamp one year after all copies were supposedly destroyed.
Further reading:

Paul Bonacci awarded $1 million by court for the abuse he suffered

Alex Jones Interviews John DeCamp, Author of The Franklin Cover-up

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You can also access TothWorld via I-Tunes, where you should look for TothWorld: The Paul A. Toth Podcast. It's listed under audio blogs.

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... And Then There is Sander Hicks and THE BIG WEDDING

As an author and reader, books mean almost as much to me as my closest relationships do. While living in Dublin, Ireland, years ago, subsisting on a deli sandwich and can of soup a day, I remember earning a little money doing some teaching. Rather than going out and having a decent meal in a pub, I went to a bookstore and bought a copy of Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow.

Here I am, years later, still broke -- so broke that, in fact, when I purchased a book in July my wife was so insensed that she left me for three days. However, none of this held me back from purchasing the most important book -- in my opinion -- of 2005: The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-blowers, & the Cover-up by Sander Hicks.

Mainstream media is useful -- to some -- for only two things: filling time between commercials and muddying investigative waters by trumpeting the old saw, conspiracy theory, any time uncomfortable details surface regarding major events. Documentary-maker, Barry Zwicker, rightly refers to terms like conspiracy theory as "thought stoppers." Establishment spokesmen, such as Mike Wallace, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and Tom Brokaw, have made excellent careers from reassuring the Great Unwashed that "conspiracies happen elsewhere." Peter Jennings' will was recently read out in court and it was learned the man was worth $50 million. That's a hell of a lot of incentive to "tow the line."

Since I first saw footage of the Zapruder film in a documentary about Nostradamus, The Man Who Could See Tomorrow, I've been suspect of "official stories." Persident John F. Kennedy was clearly shot from the front in Dallas in November 1963. All anyone need do to realize how ridiculous and phony the Warren Commission Report is is to read it.

It's always been equally difficult believing that Sirhan Sirhan murdered Robert Kennedy, considering that Sirhan was eight feet in front of Kennedy, and Kennedy died from a point-blank gunshot to the rear of his skull; just behind his right ear.

The "official" story of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is likewise rife with inconsistencies, as proven in the work and research of Dick Gregory, Mark Lane, and in the book An Act of State by William F. Pepper.

I remember years ago hearing some scientist's theory behind the creation of crop circles: that they were created by complex wind patterns. I'm more likely to believe crop circles are made by duck-footed aliens from the planet Tralfamadore, than that insultingly stupid theory. After seeing film footage of geometry-gifted hoaxsters creating crop circles in the span of a few hours one night, the mystery was forever solved in my mind.

So, the official story of the 9/11 attacks have always struck me as similarly ridiculous and intellectually insulting -- to wit: 19 men armed with boxcutters eluded the entire U.S. intelligence apparatus and defeated NORAD. Moreover, that the 9/11 attacks came as a complete and utter suprise to everyone from the Bush White on down the chain of command. The 9/11 Commission Report surpasses the Warren Commission Report in cynicism and depth of cover-up. It's conclusion being: "Everyone's to blame [for 9/11], therefore no one's to blame."


Investigative journalist Sander Hicks has recently published a book called The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-blowers, & the Cover-up that goes a long way toward putting faces and names behind the true history of the 9/11 attacks.

Hicks brings us Randy Glass, who, while working undercover for the U.S. government, met with members of Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) at the Tribeca Grill, within view of the World Trade Center buildings in 1999. At one point during their meeting, one of the Pakistani men pointed in the direction of the World Trade Center buildings and said, "Those buildings are coming down."

(Do a Google search on Pakistan's ISI and see what you come up with.)

And there is Mike Vreeland, a quirky, shadowy figure who clearly had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.

There is Daniel Hopsicker, an indomitable investigative journalist who discovered the real Mohammed Atta -- who ate steak, snorted cocaine, slept with white women, and may well have been an Egyptian double-agent -- behind the 9/11 Commission's convenient one-dimensional jihadist.

The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-blowers, & the Cover-up by Sander Hicks is an extraordinarily important book, and I urge all readers of this blog to pick up a copy. The book is not only vital and relevant to the dark times in which we now find ourselves, it's a highly readable, accessible work that does not attempt to solve all mysteries relating to the 9/11 attacks, but does a commendable job of pointing the way for further inquiry.
Check out: ____________________
Other important books:


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Morning with Ennis

                        Morning with Ennis

                        I’m sure my heart weighs
                        as much as my cat,
                        but is half as purposeful.

                        She leaps a distance
                        three times her height
                        onto a window ledge.
                        I’m looking out the window,
                        instead of writing.

                        Ennis turns rigid and furtive as a green beret
                        watching birds swoop into
                        the backyard, eating the grass seed
                        I cast there yesterday.
                        She speaks, cryptic as Colonel Kurtz
                        in Apocalypse Now:
                        “Eep, eep—qq qq qq.”

                        This is why science fiction doesn’t work for me:
                        Ennis is infinitely more alien than
                        a teal-painted actor with a toilet seat shaped insignia
                        on his trout-skinned tunic.

                        When her soliloquy is finished,
                        Ennis jumps down and lures me into the kitchen.
                        I go, still unable to write.
                        She implores like Dennis Hopper’s character
                        in Apocalypse Now:
                        “Mmm. Map. Owwwwww!”

                        She wants food, but I see there is food
                        in her dish.
                        She continues: “Owwwwww!”
                        She wants a tuna melt.

                        I comply, her oversized homunculus.