Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rebuilding Christendom -- You're doing it wrong

I see the purpose of your "Rebuilding Christendom" conference is to "proclaim the politics of Jesus Christ".

You're doing it wrong.

Jesus Christ didn't have a political position.

When asked about taxes, Jesus said to give what is due to Caesar and give what is due to god.

Regarding the wealthy, Jesus said that a business man has as much chance of getting into the Kingdom of Heaven as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.  In other words, zero chance.

Monday, July 23, 2012

When Dealing with the Police -- Canadian Edition

You have the Right . . .

To laugh.

Chances are, you’ll get a “Promise to Appear” citation.

If you are arrested, even better.  That means you’ll go before a Canadian judge.  Canadian judges love raggamuffin people who appear before them.

At best they’ll let you go.  At worst, they’ll give you a tongue-lashing that sounds like something from an Andy Hardy movie . . . and then they’ll let you go.

If the Police Stop Anyone . . .

Know that Canadian street cops are very frustrated with Canadian courts because the judges let everyone go.  Recently, a man who pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography was sentenced to 14 days in jail.  A guy found guilty of stabbing two people was sentenced to 30 months in jail.

Unless the person stopped by the cops stabbed someone or was caught with CP, they’re home free.

The cops might be grouchy with you because they know you’re going to walk, no matter what they caught you with.  Be polite and feel secure that their fate -- at worst -- will be in the hands.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Motivational speaker's character-building exercise goes awry

Motivational speaker, Herm Kaleidoscope, is facing tough questions this morning after a character-building exercise in his popular "Align Your Inner Anaconda" weekend retreat went tragically wrong.

The popular author and retreat leader went into the Arizona desert on Friday evening with twenty-four adherents and came out Saturday afternoon with only five of them.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The NRA comments on the deadly Aurora, Colorado cineplex shooting

Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, eyed the reporters gathered at the NRA press conference with his steely, patriot's gaze.

The question that was already causing so much outrage and angst in the NRA was the first to be asked of LaPierre.  Some jellyfish from a New York news bureau asked, "When will the NRA acknowledge that some level of gun contol is needed in this country, given the sorts of preventable tragedies like the shooting at the Aurora, Colorado cineplex?"

Thursday, July 19, 2012

HSBC compliance chief, David Bagely, steps down amid Mexican drug cartel scandal

In a brief statement before U.S. Congressional investigators, Mr. Bagley said, "After bonding with my Mexican bros, I saw how meaningless banking was and decided to follow my bliss to the Choix mountains."

When asked what he would be doing in the Choix mountains, Mr. Bagley said, "I'll be Chief Operating Officer of the Beltr├ín Leyva Cartel's dog fighting division.  I've always had a soft spot for animals."

Friday, July 13, 2012

Outrage Over eBikes in Automotive City

Windsor, Ontario -- known the world over for its contributions to the auto industry and for being one of the most automobile-centric societies on earth.

Much as Windsorites enjoy their motorized, mechanized transportation vehicles, there's a new breed on the road that's causing fear, loathing and outrage.

As though springing from some malevolent alien pod, "eBikes" -- some hellish, moped hybrid of unnatural origin -- have taken to the streets like a plague in Windsor, Ontario .

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Making of Mediocrity

How else are we going to manufacture a generation of mediocre citizens, lazy, ineffective thinkers, obedient worker bees, citizens who opt not to vote than by penalizing teachers who hand out zeroes to students who don't hand in assignments?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Threat To Israel Is Threat To Canada, Defence Minister Peter MacKay Tells Israeli Military Commander

To my Member of Parliament after reading Threat To Israel Is Threat To Canada, Defence Minister Peter MacKay Tells Israeli Military Commander:

So, the transformation of Canada into a Franksteined version of George W. Bush's America continues.

Who are the Conservatives trying to impress with such rhetoric, with Peter MacKay saying "A threat to Israel is a threat to Canada"?

Are you trying to impress the US?  I thought that was covered by the Harper Government handing Canadian sovereignty over to the Yanks piecemeal.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Message to Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

At the 12:38 minute mark of this 2009 interview with Dr. Stephen Greer, Kerry Cassidy says that a "secret witness" told her that the world would run out of food in 10 months and that we had 4 years of air left in the world.

Clearly, the first prediction about the food was completely wrong.  It's now 2012 and I've been overeating with abandon right through the deadline Kerry stated.

As for the world running out of air, I'm going to bet that prediction will prove as accurate as the food prediction.

My question is -- why repeat such obviously asinine testimony such as this?  All it does is hurt your credibility, makes you look like wingnuts, and actually sabotages everything else you have to say because the casual, uninformed viewer sits back and thinks, "Well, everything else they're talking about is probably just as loopy as the food and air predictions."

For people who present themselves as "researchers" who are digging for the truth, where's the research?  Actually, where's the educated skepticism?

Art Bell torpedoed himself in much the same way.  He explored many interesting topics on his show, had many interesting guests, but the fact that he believed and gave credence to some of the most laughable and easily disproven theories hurt him -- not the least of which was his ridiculously serious introduction to the "screams from hell" as recorded from a deep hole in Siberia.  Really?  Hell is in the center of the earth?  The Russians dug a 9 km hole and then went and found a microphone with a 9 km cord, lowered it into the center of the earth without it melting, and were able to record these sounds, which everyone instantly deduces are the screams of hell?  Really?  That's school-yard apocryphal-tale-telling, not anything approaching responsible research.

In a time when secret operations need exposure.  In a time when so many conspiracies are active, and are damaging our democracy and our planet.  In a time when we could be using the Internet to disseminate actual true information about these conspiracies, why in the world would you torpedo your interview with Dr. Greer by sharing such an outlandishly foolish prediction as the world running out of food in 10 months and running out of air in 4 years?

Why would you negate everything else you've done with statement such as this?

Before I'm viewed as merely a crank raining on your parade, I wanted to share a quick anecdote about how misinformation sinks the whole ship.

When I was a kid, I was home sick one day in November 1983 and was watching Donahue or one of those talk shows.  They were discussing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  At that time in my life, all I knew was that Lee Harvey Oswald killed him, and that was that.  Obviously, I know better now.

So, with that scant knowledge, I watched a panel of researchers, which I believe included Mark Lane and Robert Groden, both of whose work I have come to respect.

Among the panel was one man who said, "If you watch the Zapruder film closely, you'll see the Secret Service driver of the limousine turn around and fire the fatal shot at JFK."

Even as a child, I thought this was ridiculous and I've always remembered that statement and the effect it had on the studio audience: After that man put forth his ridiculous theory, the rest of the panel was painted with the same brush by the audience.  Everyone on the panel was taken down with the ship, as it were.  Suddenly, everyone's theories seemed silly.  No doubt, the man who put forth the limo-driver-as-assassin idea was a misinformation agent whose job was to do precisely that -- torpedo the entire panel.  Mission accomplished, at least on that day.

And so, I find similarly silly, ridiculous, easily disproven theories have the same effect on conversations.  Pardon the indelicate image, but such theories are like a turd in the swimming pool -- they contaminate everything within their reach.

So, ideas that we're going to run out of food in 10 months and run out of air in 4 years are turds in the swimming pool.

Responsible researchers should eshew such statements and people who put forth such ideas without voluminous evidence.  The emphasis should be on the evidence not the theories.  The Internet is chockful of whacky theories.  I can get my fill on there all day.  I want evidence.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Big week in Canadian law & order

Alberta mom who drowned sons to serve 15 more months.

Eaton Centre suspect under house arrest at time of shooting.

Bus beheader seeks passes from hospital.

I understand the Canadian "justice" system isn't about vengeance and I'm glad for that.  I cannot, however,  abide the attitude in our courts that looks upon a person who has committed murder and looks to see, "How can we get this poor soul back on his/her feet?"

Where is the recognition of injury done to the victim and/or the victims family in Canadian courts?  Isn't that a part of justice?  Not in Canada, of course, but isn't it part of most people's sense of what justice is all about?

I'm all too familiar with the hand-wringing do-gooders of Canada who will lament, for instance, about the Alberta mom/muderer, "Sentencing her to 40 years in jail isn't going to bring back the children she murdered."

No, it won't, but I would posit, a lengthy prison sentence is merited, just the same.  The woman cold-bloodedly murdered two children.  What's worse -- they were her own children.  That's not a mitigating factor, it's an exacerbating factor!

Of all the crime stories I've ever read about -- and I've read thousands -- never have I heard of a family member of a murder victim say, imply, infer or otherwise communicate: "If only the murderer got a life sentence, my loved one would come back."

I've never heard such a thing said because I'm sure it's never been said.  Nobody believes it.  So, the hand-wringing criminal-embracing bleeding hearts ought to stop using that as a point of argument.

For some reason, human life has little meaning or value to Canadian courts.

Murder someone and Canadian courts act like American retailers on double coupon day: "OK, are you a member of CARP?  That will get you a few years off.  Any mental illness?  That'll save you a few years.  Are you of aboriginal ancestry?  There's a few more years shaved off.  How about extenuating circumstances, like, you just didn't mean it?  That'll save you a few years.  How about, you're sorry?  Right -- good -- that'll get you a few more years shaved off . . ."

This bizarre, macabre bargaining goes on until the convicted murderer is sentenced to mere months in prison and then given two-for-one credit for time served.

Why?  Because the only thing that matters in Canadian courts is the accused.  Murder someone in Canada and you become Special Person on the next installment of This Is Your Life.  And then all the guilt-ridden do-gooders who think the world just needs more hugs and sweaters have their chance to perform a personality make-over on murderers, rapists, child molesters, what have you.  Like these wretches are the do-gooders ragamuffin Barbie dolls.

This is no more in evidence than the case of Vincent Li, Canadian's beloved cannibal, for whom so many people are pulling, cheering the coming of his day passes.

I've been told my views are outmoded, unsophisticated and not inline with Canadian justice.  That may be so, but I believe that when the act is heinous enough, the reasons behind the act become irrelevant and the perpetrator of the heinous act must simply be locked up forever.

In these isolated cases -- the mother/murderer, the alleged Eaton Centre shooter, the Canadian cannibal -- yes, when found guilty of such crimes, these people should be locked up until they die.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Canada finally recognizes a long-abused and shunned constituency: its cannibals

For too long, Canada has shunned and overlooked a small and vulnerable segment of society: cannibals.

The Canadian Cannibal Community -- otherwise known as C3 -- has greeted the news of renowned Canadian Cannibal, Vince Li's newly expanded freedom with great excitement.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dear Harper Government: What is the mandatory minimum for treason?

Regarding the "robo call" scandal in Canada, I wrote the following to my Member of Parliament:

With regard to the news stories flying about "robo calls" being made during the last federal election -- which fraudulently identified themselves as originating from Elections Canada and steered Canadian voters to wrong locations to vote -- I'm going to reserve my judgment until Elections Canada and the RCMP conclude their investigations.

In the meantime, I would like to register my feeling about the kind of people who would undertake such odious, criminal and undemocratic practices during an election: I think they should be charged with treason and sentenced to long years in prison without benefit of comfort or mercy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Undercover Boss: The most blatant propaganda on the most beastly propaganda machine in the world

Since the time of John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, corporate executives have been among the most hated people in America.

Not much has changed in more than a century, leading right up to the Great Depression of 2008.

The American cannibal class pushed the envelope too far, though, with its $700+ billion bail out and the foreclosures running rampant across the country like a plague.

The Plebeians can only take so much. If it wasn't for TV, transfats and prescription drugs, there's little question they would be running wild in the streets, burning down the condos and corporate suites of their corporate overlords.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conservatives to Canadians on e-snooping: "Stand with us or with the child pornographers"

After reading about it in The Globe & Mail 'Stand with us or with the child pornographers', I wrote the following to my MP:

The long-form census was intrusive into the privacy of Canadians, but cyber snooping is A-OK. Justification: "Stand with us or with the child pornographers".

Conservatives are often accused of not being terribly bright, binary thinkers: "take it or leave it" "my way or the highway" "like it or lump it" "Stand with us or with the child pornographers".

Friday, February 03, 2012

"So what, we faked a citizenship ceremony" says the Stephen Harper Government

From The Windsor Star:
OTTAWA — A fake citizenship ceremony broadcast last fall on Sun News was the result of "logistical problems," Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Thursday in the House of Commons, amid much laughter.

Under fire during question period after departmental emails detailing the hoax surfaced, Kenney ignored opposition requests to apologize for the ruse, blamed it on public servants in his department and urged Canadians to look past it.
Which necessitated an email to my MP:

I've read about the phony citizenship-reaffirmation ceremony where bureaucrats posed as new immigrants, broadcast by Tory-friendly Sun News, and have to wonder how anyone who's part of the Harper Government can look themselves in the mirror.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Mendacity Unchained!

An audacious master (alleged) criminal seems to have scored a spectacular checkmate against the Canadian Criminal Justice system.

Jamal Hazime, former owner of Big 3 Pre-Owned Auto Sales and 5 Diamond Motors was brought up on multiple fraud charges in October 2011, accused of defrauding customers by sticking them with higher car prices, finance rates and loan terms than agreed to and forging signatures on contracts.

Is Stephen Harper going to sell Jasper National Park?

Internet headline: Take Actions! Jasper is our national park not a theme park!.

Whenever I read balderdash in the news, I know where to go to get the unvarnished truth: my MP, [Mr. All-Canadian Hero for Democracy and Conservatism]:
I'm writing to ask you to please debunk this obviously false rumor circulating that the Harper Government seeks to privatize Canadian national parks.

In particular, please verify for me that Jasper National Park isn't going to be sold to American-owned Brewster Travel Canada.