Friday, January 06, 2012

Mendacity Unchained!

An audacious master (alleged) criminal seems to have scored a spectacular checkmate against the Canadian Criminal Justice system.

Jamal Hazime, former owner of Big 3 Pre-Owned Auto Sales and 5 Diamond Motors was brought up on multiple fraud charges in October 2011, accused of defrauding customers by sticking them with higher car prices, finance rates and loan terms than agreed to and forging signatures on contracts.

Is Stephen Harper going to sell Jasper National Park?

Internet headline: Take Actions! Jasper is our national park not a theme park!.

Whenever I read balderdash in the news, I know where to go to get the unvarnished truth: my MP, [Mr. All-Canadian Hero for Democracy and Conservatism]:
I'm writing to ask you to please debunk this obviously false rumor circulating that the Harper Government seeks to privatize Canadian national parks.

In particular, please verify for me that Jasper National Park isn't going to be sold to American-owned Brewster Travel Canada.