Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Big week in Canadian law & order

Alberta mom who drowned sons to serve 15 more months.

Eaton Centre suspect under house arrest at time of shooting.

Bus beheader seeks passes from hospital.

I understand the Canadian "justice" system isn't about vengeance and I'm glad for that.  I cannot, however,  abide the attitude in our courts that looks upon a person who has committed murder and looks to see, "How can we get this poor soul back on his/her feet?"

Where is the recognition of injury done to the victim and/or the victims family in Canadian courts?  Isn't that a part of justice?  Not in Canada, of course, but isn't it part of most people's sense of what justice is all about?

I'm all too familiar with the hand-wringing do-gooders of Canada who will lament, for instance, about the Alberta mom/muderer, "Sentencing her to 40 years in jail isn't going to bring back the children she murdered."

No, it won't, but I would posit, a lengthy prison sentence is merited, just the same.  The woman cold-bloodedly murdered two children.  What's worse -- they were her own children.  That's not a mitigating factor, it's an exacerbating factor!

Of all the crime stories I've ever read about -- and I've read thousands -- never have I heard of a family member of a murder victim say, imply, infer or otherwise communicate: "If only the murderer got a life sentence, my loved one would come back."

I've never heard such a thing said because I'm sure it's never been said.  Nobody believes it.  So, the hand-wringing criminal-embracing bleeding hearts ought to stop using that as a point of argument.

For some reason, human life has little meaning or value to Canadian courts.

Murder someone and Canadian courts act like American retailers on double coupon day: "OK, are you a member of CARP?  That will get you a few years off.  Any mental illness?  That'll save you a few years.  Are you of aboriginal ancestry?  There's a few more years shaved off.  How about extenuating circumstances, like, you just didn't mean it?  That'll save you a few years.  How about, you're sorry?  Right -- good -- that'll get you a few more years shaved off . . ."

This bizarre, macabre bargaining goes on until the convicted murderer is sentenced to mere months in prison and then given two-for-one credit for time served.

Why?  Because the only thing that matters in Canadian courts is the accused.  Murder someone in Canada and you become Special Person on the next installment of This Is Your Life.  And then all the guilt-ridden do-gooders who think the world just needs more hugs and sweaters have their chance to perform a personality make-over on murderers, rapists, child molesters, what have you.  Like these wretches are the do-gooders ragamuffin Barbie dolls.

This is no more in evidence than the case of Vincent Li, Canadian's beloved cannibal, for whom so many people are pulling, cheering the coming of his day passes.

I've been told my views are outmoded, unsophisticated and not inline with Canadian justice.  That may be so, but I believe that when the act is heinous enough, the reasons behind the act become irrelevant and the perpetrator of the heinous act must simply be locked up forever.

In these isolated cases -- the mother/murderer, the alleged Eaton Centre shooter, the Canadian cannibal -- yes, when found guilty of such crimes, these people should be locked up until they die.


AsManyChances9 said...

Gosh you're harsh! I think these people should be given as many chances as they need to prove they won't drown kids, shoot people in a mall and eat a fellow bus rider. For Gawd sakes would you lighten up!

Anonymous said...

Are you $%^&ing kidding me?

Compare and contrast: a crocodile and a swallow.

They are both animals. That's about it. Sometimes they are found on the same continent.

You've got about as much connection between those two and Vince Li and the woman who murdered her own children.

I know arguing on the Internet about these things is about as useless as punching water but so are your "arguments" and rant about our "justice system".

Use examples like any number of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists killed by drunk drivers who get off with little to no jail time. Use examples where the system blames a woman for being raped because she dressed "sexually". Don't use examples where the system worked because someone was mentally incapable of rational thought without significant medical intervention.


Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

There is no shortage of people, it seems, who can rationalize the irrational. The Canadian "justice" system is broken, dysfunctional, but so many would love to believe it's just great. Progressive. Enlightened. It's neither.

Our brave anonymous commenter has lots of advice on what examples I should use. The ones I use illustrate my point. They're disparate? That's why I chose them.

Use all the shift-key characters you like. You've not only failed to change my mind on this matter. You've failed to even really put across a point. What is your point?

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

And leave it to a hand-wringing do-gooder to refer to someone who's both a murderer and a cannibal as a "sparrow"! Yeah -- you're the voice of sanity!