Friday, February 17, 2012

Undercover Boss: The most blatant propaganda on the most beastly propaganda machine in the world

Since the time of John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, corporate executives have been among the most hated people in America.

Not much has changed in more than a century, leading right up to the Great Depression of 2008.

The American cannibal class pushed the envelope too far, though, with its $700+ billion bail out and the foreclosures running rampant across the country like a plague.

The Plebeians can only take so much. If it wasn't for TV, transfats and prescription drugs, there's little question they would be running wild in the streets, burning down the condos and corporate suites of their corporate overlords.

Problem with that is -- you can't continue to bleed the populace in the midst of riots and greed-provoked mayhem.

So, what to do?

Turn to the propagandist's best friend: TV.

I'm just after watching an episode of Undercover Boss.

In a world where everything is marketing and disinformation, social conditioning and manufactured consent, never have I seen such a blatant example of raw propaganda as Undercover Boss. I mean, this shit is so over-the-top obvious that it stands out like a neon cock against jeweller's velvet.

In an effort to quell the justified hatred, villification and revulsion and keep the masses from carrying out a very understandable campaign of systematic crucifixion of the cannibal class, this execrable show was devised.

The premise: gallant, polished members of the cannibal class descend from their gold and alabaster executive suites and "go to work" undercover at a handful of front-line locations of their business.

The show is crafted as something akin to Twain's The Prince and the Pauper, where the disguised executive learns from his lowliest workers just what it's like working for the company.

Tyrannical managers show their stripes. Abused, martyred, dedicated employees come to the fore. There's even a bit of comic relief, showing these executives -- whose hands are designed for counting money and pedophilia -- clumsily attempting the work performed by the only members of the company who do real work.

Then comes the divine justice.

The King Solomon executive at some point reveals his/her true identity. Any satisfaction that might come at this moment is completely drained away by the almost instantaneous grovelling in which each Plebeian reflexively engages -- the just and the unjust, the good and the bad, alike.

The show ends with the corporate titan making promises to reform bad policies, then promotes the good employees. And because money heals all wounds, the wretched scoundrel bestows largesse upon his serfs. $15,000 here, $10,000 there. A night's worth of champagne in the corner office.

All is forgiven!

The TARP bail out? Never happened!

The tens of thousands of illegal foreclosures? What foreclosures?

It's true, it's true, It's a Wonderful Life was right! Bankers just want to love. CEOs only want justice. The cannibal class eats human beings with abandon only because they need affection and understanding -- and $33 million bonuses.

Bullshit. Unbelievable, off the charts, vomit-provoking bullshit.

No, the corporate cannibal class is and should be despised and reviled.

No, these wretches should be stripped of every ill-gotten cent, perk and piece of property they own and condemned to work the jobs they worked in their episode of Undercover Boss.

In other words, corporate executives should be sentenced to "reality without chance of parole."

It's the least these motherfuckers deserve. And some televised hand-job to corporate America will never come close to righting that injustice.

But who gives a fuck? Hand me the bucket of chicken and another Ambien.

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AngryViewer9 said...

I want another go at the bucket of chicken too! Especially while admiring my freshly painted neon cock against the jewelers velvet! Well stated Sir!