Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rebuilding Christendom -- You're doing it wrong

I see the purpose of your "Rebuilding Christendom" conference is to "proclaim the politics of Jesus Christ".

You're doing it wrong.

Jesus Christ didn't have a political position.

When asked about taxes, Jesus said to give what is due to Caesar and give what is due to god.

Regarding the wealthy, Jesus said that a business man has as much chance of getting into the Kingdom of Heaven as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.  In other words, zero chance.

So, to have a conference proclaiming the politics of Jesus -- misnomer that it is -- I hope you'll be serving loaves of bread and fish at no charge.  I hope there will be an endless supply of free wine, as there was at the Wedding at Cana (courtesy of Jesus).  I hope that prostitutes, tax collectors and lepers will be welcome at your conference, as well.

You see, too many Christians nowadays profess to believe and adhere to the tenets of Jesus Christ, when in fact they do not.

Jesus healed the sick and the lame free of charge.  So, no doubt you'll be advocating for free, universal health care for all Americans.

Jesus forgave his enemies, even those who crucified him.  So, no doubt you'll be advocating for a swift and complete end to all of America's wars.

And because Jesus' greatest single oratorical work was the Sermon on the Mount, you will no doubt be advocating for the weak and for the poor, for the mistreated in America, for the ignored and marginalized.

I somehow have a feeling you won't be doing any of these things at your conference.  Jesus Christ's name is "public domain", so I guess you can slap it on anything you like to draw a crowd.

If you do happen to charge money for the food served at your conference.  If you happen to believe that only those who can afford to pay for health care deserve it.  If you are not advocating for the poor and the weak, I hope you'll have a second look at who you call Lord and Savior.  Because it's not Jesus Christ.  It's more like his younger brother, Jesse of Nazareth.

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