Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mississippi Conservative Calls For Putting Gay People To Death On Facebook Page

After reading Mississippi Conservative Calls For Putting Gay People To Death On Facebook Page

To Mississippi, GOP state Rep. Andy Gipson at

Dear Mississippi, GOP state Rep. Andy Gipson (dear in the non-gay sense):

Contemporary evangelical Christians need to be rebranded. You're not Christians, but reformed Jews.

I say this because you can't seem to keep your noses out of the Old Testament.

You see, Jesus Christ is written about in the New Testament and he himself says that he came to change the old ways. But I can see why you just can't leave that Old Testament alone -- it's filled with prejudice and murder and condemnation.

The New Testament is filled with dull examples of Christ's compassion for others and other uncomfortable bits of wisdome like, "Judge not lest ye be judged" or "Don't try and remove the speck from your neighbor's eye while you have a log in your own" (clunky image, but gets the point across).

And all those wearisome passages about love in the New Testament. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. The Golden Rule. The Good Samaritan.

And then those truly irreconcilable statements by Christ about a rich man's chances of getting into heaven (not very good), Christ's pass when asked to comment about whether he thought taxes were justified, and of course, the fact that Jesus never said a single thing about homosexuality -- either to condone or condemn it.

No wonder contemporary Christians abhor the New Testament!

Now that you're not only on the record for condemning homosexuality, but you're on the Internet doing so, I look forward to the thousands of irascible sleuths who'll now begin picking apart your history to find out just how gay you are. Because, you know, many times when people make statements such as yours, it's because they're actually hiding from or running from feelings they have that they can't deal with. Such as gay feelings. You know, like Ted Haggard. Or, Larry Craig. Or that guy from Focus on the Family or whatever organized conservative group of bigots it is who was caught taking a "rent boy" with him to Europe two years ago.

At the very least, you're a lousy Christian who appears to have no knowledge of the beliefs you profess to follow. And you're not alone. I'm sure if most Christians met Jesus Christ, they'd think him an unwashed, New Age, socialist hippy who never worked a day in his life. I think most Christians wouldn't be able to get along with Jesus. Which I find very, very funny. I mean all that forgiveness stuff and "judge not". What kind of deity asks that of his followers?

Have a great day with your beliefs and with not being gay!

Whetam Gnauckweirst

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