Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dietary Whorehouse

Do fast food execs eat the food that makes them rich?

Being the ultimate "company boys" I wouldn't dream of a McDonald’s exec taking his kids to Burger King. So, when these fat cats get together for their high-powered meetings, do they cater in the same food they're shoveling out to the bovine public? Or, are these execs inadvertently admitting they preside over dietary whorehouses by catering in prime rib and the like?

I’m going to write some letters and send some e-mail to find out. I’ll post the responses I receive right here.

From McDonald’s: “We certainly appreciate your interest in McDonald’s; however, we do not have information available concerning the eating habits of our executives.”

This sounds like a backhanded way of saying McDonald’s execs don’t eat the food from which they derive their millions of dollars. If I found out an airline executive didn’t fly on his airline, I sure as hell wouldn’t fly on his airline, either.

From Arby’s: “Company policy does not permit us to release this information without a detailed reason for your request and an explanation of how the information is to be used. Once this information is received, along with your full name and all necessary contact information, we will consider your request.”

Thing is, I provided everything except a retina scan and a stool sample in filling out the online form at the Arby’s Web site. I was also clear about why I requested this information. However, my simple question is being treated as though I were asking about executives’ bank accounts or underwear size. Maybe the problem is, they don’t want to admit that their executives don’t eat food at all, in keeping with vampire lore.

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