Monday, December 05, 2005

America's #1 Export: Bullshit

Final Report on 9/11 Commission Recommendations

The two interest-conflicted, ineffectual milkshakes -- 9/11 commission chairman Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana -- who led the so-called "September 11 commission" were interviewed on NPR today about the stunning lack of urgency the Bush administration has shown toward defending America against another terrorist attack. The headline on reads U.S. given 'more F's than A's' on terror preparation. Interesting how George W. Bush and his ideologues mobilized when sticking their righteous noses into the Terri Schiavo case months ago. We see now where actual, implemented homeland security rates amid BushCo's far rightwing agenda. It doesn't.

Having traversed his life solely on the currency of his family name, George W. Bush is not a "results" oriented guy. Basically, he's never been in a position where he's had to produce. So, the expression "the proof is in the pudding" is meaningless to him and his junta. Why is BushCo so unconcerned about another terrorist attack occurring on American soil?

Pretend I'm an unethical person. Say I need money and decide the best way to get this money is to make an insurance claim. The most painless way to do this is to park my car between street lamps on my street, leave the car unlocked, and maybe even leave some money on the seat to entice a thief to steal my car stereo. When the inevitable happens, I, of course, feign outrage and suprise -- and collect my insurance money. But having orchestrated this little scam, I am not in any hurry to install an alarm on my car, or have my next stereo actually locked inside the console. Because it wasn't as though this was a random event that took me totally by surprise. It was an event I had hoped would happen. Had encouraged to happen.

Just as the 9/11 attacks benefitted BushCo, and cannot be realistically described as benefitting any other person or group.

The Bush administration has benefitted enormously from the 9/11 attacks -- which gave them the pretext for two wars and tens of billions of dollars in defense spending -- and another terrorist attack would benefit them, as well. George W. Bush desperately needs the distraction from his failed policies. He's quickly running out of shadows with which to shadowbox. His bullshit is running out.

BushCo has so damaged America's standing in the world that we see the ever-photogenic Condoleezza Rice jetting around the globe, reassuring the civilized world that America is not transporting terrorism suspects to countries that allow and use torture in interrogations.

Condoleezza. No one believes you. It's clear that American Christian conservatives are missing one crucial element in their education in life: a little story called The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Print a copy and include in your next briefing to George W. Bush. I'm sure he won't know what to make of the story, as he will undoubtedly side with the wolf. But for me, give it to him.

No, what the Bush administration is doing with its policy toward "enemy combatants" and its treatment of those its secret police steal away with in the night is manufacturing an enemy, not quelling or defusing it. But as happens with reprobates who make their sordid livings by faking falls in supermarkets, there comes a time when they take one too many. There comes a time when my hypothetical insurance company connects the dots of my claims. And that time has come for the cosmic, Great-Wall-of-China-sized mound of bullshit America has heaved onto the world since George W. Bush began squatting in the oval office.

And now Condoleezza Rice is the latest "Johnny Appleseed" spreading around the world America's greatest export: bullshit.


None said...


How come Canadian Bloggers are so pre-occupied with the US? Seems to me there is plenty of crap on your side of the border.

You wouldn't happen to be trying to cover up your own political drama there by any chance, would you?

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

Since America is currently a global problem, I write about it as such. I guess you gave my blog such a close look that you didn't see the link to my Canadian issues blog.

The day America goes back to simply assailing its own self and its own citizens, I, for one, will probably stop writing about it. So long as the United States continues to be a global problem, it will remain on my radar screen.

None said...

Ooops, I took another look at your blog and sure enough, you are giving Canadian politics an equal measure of scrutiny. In particular you make a great point with "White males need not apply".

I happened to find your site searching for commentary on Iraq. I am interested in how US politicians (other than President Bush) are perceived outside the US. I have posted some of the various positions on Iraq at: The Flying Lumber Yard. Comments welcome.

Purple Squirrel said...

Well said, but I can't read the rest of your entry as I'm busy parking my unlocked car between two street lights...thanks for the tip!