Wednesday, January 04, 2006

All Part of the Same Day for the "Timist"

To show that I'm not culturally insensitive, I wish all visitors to this blog a Happy New Year, even though I, myself, do not believe in the concept of time, and thus find all mentions of this quaint and superstitious "new year" offensive, if not a little humorous. So, happy new year.

Again, for the Plebeian minds that need "time" to keep track of their lives, this blog has hit upon its first "anniversary." In that time I've posted 126 entries. More is on the way.

For now, I link to a guest blog I made on the ever-genial Going Postal With Pryvett Rodgers where I discuss, under Pryvett Rodgers' tutelage, the recent musing of the German Cannibal.

And this holiday tidbit from England, where the British Automobile Association (AA) "told the family of a member who collapsed [and died] at the wheel that it could not recover his car because his death meant his membership had lapsed."

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