Saturday, April 29, 2006

Poetic Justice Isn't Just for Poets Anymore

From - Rehab, $30,000 to keep Limbaugh out of court: "Firebrand radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was charged Friday with fraudulently concealing information to obtain prescription drugs, but prosecutors will drop the charge after 18 months if Limbaugh remains in treatment for drug addiction, his lawyer said."


"The radio host turned himself in to the Palm Beach County sheriff's office on Friday and was released on bail before 5 p.m., a sheriff's spokesman said.

"Although Black urged reporters not to call it an arrest -- because Limbaugh turned himself in and was never handcuffed -- a sheriff's spokesman said technically he was under arrest during his booking." -- O, these hairsplitting cretins!

Drug addiction is a disease, not a crime. I agree with the late comedian Bill Hicks in his thinking that the American Drug Czar ought to be someone who was a former addict and knows not only about the ravages of that sickness, but has sought and obtained help, and knows firsthand what is involved with recovery.

That said, I find no small amount of poetic justice that the self-ordained and widely acknowledged mouthpiece of the American rightwing conservative movement, Rush Limbaugh, is an admitted, practicing drug addict. Of course he is.

I have listened to Rush Limbaugh here and there over the years and have never regarded him as anything other than a performer. Some performers remove their clothing before live audiences to earn their living, some performers fornicate on film, other performers play "death metal", and the truly reprehensible performers out there receive their ill-gotten gains by spreading bile and hatred, divisiveness, ignorance and bigotry.

The late comedian Bill Hicks once mused on stage that he believed Limbaugh to be one of those kinky people who enjoyed lying in a deep bathtub as others urinated on him. Of course he does.

Having listened to performer Limbaugh here and there over the years, I've been amused by the fact that only the soppiest, ass-kissiest callers are ever allowed through his switchboard and onto the air. Without fail, as these mentally impoverished, slow of foot and mouth, fearful, quivering sycophants deluge their master with squeaking praise, Limbaugh argues even with them! As they quote back to their succubus the particular bile that made their cretinous days, Limbaugh actually splits hairs over their incompetent quotes, and argues with them. Christ almighty, this guy cannot even get along with his most devoted supplicants!

And Limbaugh proves that the only way in which one can believe the things he believes is through the constant administration of drugs into his fetid physiology. The only way to be a true Republican party member is to literally be high on dope. Which, in true Republican hypocritical fashion, so many of these avowed rightwing hate-mongers would love to see stiff jail sentences, if not the death penalty, meted out to habitual drug addicts. Like Limbaugh.

All that separates Limbaugh from any other drug addict rotting in prison is geography -- rather than procuring his dope in low, bawdy dens of iniquity, Limbaugh purchased his scag in high-rent, well-appointed doctors' offices.

For all the years that Limbaugh has "doctor shopped" in order to feed his habit, this miserable miscreant ought to have been shopping for a goddamned soul. That's something his Centurion American Express card can't buy

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