Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spelling and Catechism

A friend was telling me the other day that his young daughter's catechism teacher was teaching her Sunday school class about Hell. I guess the teacher was a real old-time Catholic. My friend's wife was upset that their daughter was being taught about Hell and while talking about this to my buddy, she spelled out the word so their daughter's younger brothers wouldn't know what they were saying. Except the youngest, who's about six, caught it.

"You're talking about Hell?" he said from the other room. His mother was aghast. Did he also know about Hell?

She called her son into the room and asked him what he knew about Hell. He said he knew nothing about Hell; that he just repeated it because he understood the spelling. Then he said, "Oh yeah, and it's in that prayer."

My buddy and his wife looked at each other -- what the hell prayer has Hell in it?

Their son provided the answer: "The Hell Mary."

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