Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Wife-Beaters' Wifes' Day!

Valentine's Day is wifebeaters' Lent. It's the one day a year when douche-bags far-and-wide who treat their wives or girlfriends like shit buy some flowers, a box of chocolates or a pomegranate-flavored dildo and the year's worth of neglect, abuse, insults and general assholery is forgotten.

February 15th, life gets back to normal -- beer, bologna sandwiches, blowjobs and broken teeth on the kitchen floor.

Sure, it's also the day when high-maintenance skanks get their strut on. Let them.

I'm not even saying eradicate Valentine's Day. Just call it what it is: Douche-bag, Tool, Abuser Reset Day.

Image from Jersey Douchgebags

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