Wednesday, May 13, 2009 - where freelancers work for free!

Freelancers, are you tired of being paid for your work? You've got your client-list, you bill them for work, they tease you with late payments, but ultimately their payments come in?

Those dreary days of working for money are over! Introducing!

We've got vendors with budgets of up to $100 looking for freelance writers to create 100 articles! Or, how about designing 20 five-page Web sites for $30? Work in PHP or VisualBasic for pennies a day!

"Hey, that sounds like there's a chance I'll still get paid!" I hear you say.

Not so fast!'s patented payment system is so convoluted, complex and self-defeating, you'll never get paid! That's right -- never get paid!

Our relationship with the Web's most opaque, unresponsive payment system, PayPal, will ensure that no troublesome dollars and cents -- and those even more troublesome tax problems that follow every penny -- will come your way.

If you're an IT professional who loves the work, but hates the pay, is for you!

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Anonymous said...

From the title I assumed it would be something similar to Tech Soup, for whom I'd gladly work for free.