Monday, September 21, 2009

Solution to the abortion issue

Born-again Christianity makes full use of the elasticity of human beliefs. For instance, born-agains say they're all about the "culture of life," that "life is precious." Why else would they so aggressively picket abortion clinics? Because they believe in life.

But not all life.

Born-again Christians tend to be politically conservative, and if there's one thing conservatives love, it's capital punishment. The state of Texas has a human BBQ just about every month. They can't seem to put people to death fast enough in Texas.

Also, born-again Christian conservatives love war. It's like the Olympics, but "for keeps." And war is most fun when it's against people who have different beliefs. The born-agains tend to love Israel, and I've yet to hear about American born-again Christians declaring war on Buddhists. But when it comes to Muslims, born-again Christians just can't seem to get enough of the killing.

I once had a born-again neighbor who had a very easy solution to the Israel/Palestine problem. "They just need to kill them [Palestinians] all."

So, given this very selective outlook on the value of human life, I think a solution to the abortion issue can be found:

The next time a woman is harassed on her way into an abortion clinic, all she need do is tell the born-again Christians badgering her that her baby is Muslim. For added effect and realism, the woman could say, "Yeah, I couldn't decide whether to name the baby 'Jihad' or 'Abdul.'" Those words would hardly be out of her mouth when the born-agains would no doubt hoist her upon their shoulders and carry her into the clinic, and assist in every way possible in the termination of that birth.

You see, it can be easy dealing with hypocrites -- and by gosh are the born-agains world class hypocrites. Check out this article about anti-abortion activists who, themselves, have had abortions called The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion.

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