Friday, March 18, 2011

What gives Stephen Harper the strength to face the day?

One malty bowl of Tar Sands Cereal gives prime minister Stephen Harper all the nutrients he needs to face another day as the untrusted leader of a minority conservative government.

Most people couldn't get out of bed with that awaiting them, but Stephen Harper can.

Sure, his faith in Jesus plays a small role, but it's the earthy, fossilized taste of Tar Sands Cereal that really gets his motor running!

Bring out the Tarzan in you with Tar Sands Cereal!

That's what makes the Harper Government the jungle cat of the House of Commons!

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RossPerot9 said...

A little bit of Jesus and Tar Sands Cereal is what gets this blue-blood started, nice work! Of course, its best with a little CanDu heavy water in place of milk.