Friday, December 23, 2011

Canada could pay into IMF Europe fund, Flaherty says

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says Ottawa would be open to paying into a bailout fund for Europe administered by the International Monetary Fund — as long as it was supported by the other G20 countries.

"There's some sense around the world that if at the end of the day we have to provide some help somehow, that we would not turn a blind eye to it because of the world consequences of the collapse of the eurozone," Flaherty said Thursday on CBC-TV's Power & Politics with Evan Solomon.
To my Member of Parliament:

Boy, are the fiscal conservatives of the Harper Government generous! Defunding programs for Canadians, seeking to privatize everything from prisons to water, and yet the Conservative Party of Canada is willing to pay into a fund to bailout Europe!

It's a Christmas miracle!

After all -- I can just hear the Conservative Braintrust argue -- we do live in a global economy.

Indeed, we do.

The Conservatives under the steady hand and steely gaze of Brian Mulroney signed NAFTA in the '90s, which sent jobs flying out of Canada like Black Friday waffle irons out of Wal-Mart.

Indeed, we do live in a global economy -- where nearly every product I buy in the course of living my life has been made in China. Where telephone customer service support has been outsourced en masse to India. Where even American companies run Canadian casinos.

We live in a true Kumbayah, global-village!

The oligarchs at the top of the world economy are in need of bailouts because the capitalist system hasn't taken kindly to their gaming and robbing the world markets. Such a terrible thing when one's cheating gets in the way of one's livelihood. Thank goodness there are good-hearted people like the Harper Government who'll pour Canadian tax dollars into foreign institutions that have been fleeced, robbed, mismanaged and essentially been treated as the expense accounts by the world elite.

Surely Canada must pay into the bailout fund -- there are lifestyles to be maintained! What would become of the casinos in Monaco if the Canadian tax payer didn't come through for the world's plutocracy?

The Canadian people got what they asked for when they gave the Harper Government a majority government. We wanted conservatism and we got conservatism -- conservatism meaning "all resources being mobilized to facilitate the lives and businesses of the ultra wealthy, to the detriment of everyone else with a networth of less than $5 million". That's what we wanted, apparently -- not me, or a majority of Canadians, actually -- and that's what we've got in the form of the Harper Government.

Such generosity! Take Jack Layton down as the patron saint of Canada. Place the laurel wreath and angel wings upon Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

The Harper Government should immediately take over the Salvation Army, United Way, the Red Cross -- practically any and all charities that successfully raise funds -- and direct those much needed dollars to the bailout of Europe.

Otherwise, what catastrophe might ensue?

If the oligarchs aren't bailed out, they might learn that their corruption has a price and actions have consequences, and playing recklessly with world economies cannot be allowed to continue.

What a tragedy -- a Christmas tragedy, at that -- if the world's financial elite had to learn such a cruel and harsh (and conservative) lesson, particularly at this time of the year.

Let's hope the Harper Government does the right thing.

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