Thursday, August 11, 2005

Shuddup Little Man!

Video of Bob Novak swearing on CNN and walking off the set in the middle of an interview.

He must have Tom Cruise's sister working as his publicist.

Washington D.C. reporter, Bob Novak, a man of questionable intelligence, ethics, and, apparently, parentage -- there are stories of a rogue Macedonian merchant ravishing an Argentinian village girl led to his inception or conception, or whatever creatures who are first splatted on a wall and hatched by the sun are called -- who looks completely semitic, though somehow claims to be a Roman Catholic (Opus Dei?), recently (and finally) gave viewers of Crossfire something to watch.

I once heard saw Bob Novak comment on the clergy abuse scandal engulfing the Catholic church a few years ago. He said that all of the victims were homosexuals who had seduced priests. That is the level of insight and discourse to be found on CNN. No one challenged him on this patently ridiculous assertion.

He's now well into his "fat Elvis" phase, and seems powerless to stop his career from coming to an inglorious end.

I think this gnomish, semitic, Macedonian papist is ripe picking for the Church of Scientology. He meets their weirdness quotient handily.

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Jas... said...

No love for him here, brother.