Saturday, January 05, 2008


Leave the Great Unwashed to their petty entertainments, to their tone-deaf music, to their album cover shuffle. Show-off with dignity -- demonstrate your moral and mental superiority with the new Pedant-iPod.

What's the good of technology if it doesn't kill time and belittle others?

Learn the Byzantine language, listen to the Refutation of Christian Polemics, to MENSA Roundtable or to Latin crossword puzzles read by Dr. Stephen Hawking.

Flash around the ultra-large, über-readable Pedant-iPod display on the bus or subway or aeroplane, in the cafe or at the cinema. Show the Philistines around you who really knows how to live!

The Pedant-iPod is the size of a hardcover book and weighs approximately four pounds. Pedant-iPod is only available in "ascetic black" with 11MB of memory -- no one who knows anything requires more disc space than that.

Show the pissants in your life who the pædant is. Sanctimonious superiority should always be represented. Be one of the anointed with Pedant-iPod.

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Unknown said...

you SOB! don't blog about me!!