Friday, January 09, 2009

Salad Coach - The Latest Innovation in the Laziness Industry!

It's the New Year and surveys show that 89 percent of Americans have made it their resolution to lose weight. As more and more people try to make nutritious choices, they're finding that eating salad is not as simple as it appears on TV.

We've all experienced it -- stabbing and stabbing at our salads with a fork only to decimate the croutons and spear, maybe, half a leaf of lettuce that we grudgingly chew, all the while dreaming of a more substantial calzone, cheeseburger or burrito. Or, worse, we're filling the fork with lettuce and shovel a veritable jungle of produce into our mouths, making it look as though we haven't eaten for days or that we're utterly bereft of manners.

That's why there's Salad Coach.

Salad Coach is a specially trained dietitian who will sit with you at meals and do the "heavy lifting" for you. The Salad Coach gathers an appropriate amount of lettuce onto the fork every time, and then hands it over to you to enjoy. It's that easy!

For as little as $199 per week, your Salad Coach will be at your disposal for lunch five days out of every seven -- you pick the days! For as little $399 per week, your Salad Coach will by your side lunch and dinner five days out of every seven -- once again, you pick the days!

The next time you shovel a wad of salad into your mouth that's the size of a small child's head, ask yourself, "How can I afford not to have Salad Coach?"

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dabydeen said...

Another indication of the decline of western civilization.