Sunday, March 01, 2009

Half-Baked in Connecticut

Ghost stories work on me. I believe them less and less as I get older, but I'm always willing to hear the next one. I've never had anything like a supernatural experience, though, as a kid attending Catholic school, I used to be terrified I'd step out of the shower one day and find the Virgin Mary hovering above the toilet.

Years ago, a friend told me of a story he'd read about a family living in a home that had formerly been a mortuary. The book on the case, he said, was one of the most terrifying thing he'd ever read. Recently, my good buddy, Pryvett Rawgers, spoke of a Discovery Channel program he'd watched that sounded like the same incident. After doing some Internet research, I found the case was known as A Haunting in Connecticut.

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Ascendantlive said...

There's a book - about the history of ghost and spirit photography. I have to laugh every time I hear ghost stories, as you point out, it's utter bullshit. Psychics, mediums, exorcists, etc, have been using essentially the same techniques since at least the 1840s.What was really out there, was that people still believed in the ones that were exposed as frauds, even after the medium admitted fraud and detailed his deceptive techniques and methods.
Everytime someone thinks they've seen something I tell them to watch MindFreak. If Chris Angel can walk through a glass window without breaking it in front of a dozen witnesses faking the film is child's play.