Tuesday, June 09, 2009

J. Edgar Hoover stars in the sci-fi epic Transvestors

It's the blockbuster Hollywood doesn't want you to see! The blockbuster that lets its cyborg hair down as never been seen before! Based upon America's most famous transvestite, J. Edgar Hoover, comes a new action epic: Transvestors.

It's crime-fighting at its most fashionably, flamboyant best -- with time to spare to try on size 12 double E pumps.

Arch villain and master tailor, Fluarzi, and his corrupt legions plot to rob, cheat, chisel and bilk the world's transvestites with ever-rising fees for tailoring and alterations. When Nikki Hearst misses the Zima masked ball because he cannot afford to pay to have his costume altered, the painted-toed-foot of justice comes down.

Stanford scientist and transvestite-during-his-off-hours, Dwight Hopeman, pulls out all of the stops as he regenerates America's greatest transvestite crimefighter, J. Edgar Hoover. The decades of death haven't been kind to His House Dressness, but Hopeman is brilliant and deft at his craft of tinkering with the underpinnings of nature. With a few 21st Century improvements, J. Edgar is back in action, going after corrupt tailors everywhere as though they're civil rights workers and doe-eyed college students of the 1960s.

The hammer falls and the fat lady sings in the fabulous science fiction epic, Transvestors!

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Macphisto said...

Awesome picture man! Hilarious post. I think we can cast Chazz in this film too.