Thursday, August 13, 2009

Conservatives are conservative on courage

Who was that gun-toting anti-Obama protester?

Liberals protest war. Conservatives protest health care. Got it.

So, a guy shows up to one of President Obama's health care town hall meetings with a 9mm strapped to his thigh. Provocative. Avant garde, even.

The thing I don't understand about conservatives is that they live in society as though there is no society. They live within a community as though there is no community.

We have police. We have a military. Yet, these fear-filled quivering rabbits carry firearms around on their person to church, to the grocery store, to the liquor store, the playground, to work. Then they have the gall to veil this obvious, selfish, childish obsession with fear by calling it "love of freedom," "exercising my rights," or simply "I do it cuz I can!" Part and parcel with this pervasive fear among gun-toting conservatives is the need to lie about it.

I have handled firearms. I have fired a Glock, a Magnum, a shotgun and a Bushmaster at a target range. It was fun. I also learned that day that no private citizen in any civilized nation should ever have the right to carry one of these corpse-makers in public. No way.

"But I use my gun to hunt!" comes an indignant cry.

You hunt outside of a health care town hall meeting where President Obama is going to speak?

Then there are the gun-owning hunters who lavishly whine about being looked down upon because they hunt.

Well, listen buddy, hunting is a primitive act -- like taking a shit outside. Sure, go ahead and do it, you've got the right, I guess, but don't do it and then turn around making any great claims to sophisticated personhood. We created society so we wouldn't have to go out and kill for our food -- and so we could shit indoors, in private.

And if you're so gawddamned frightened all the time -- sleep with a nightlight.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Decent read...Keeping things civil though, your blog lacks some logic...

"I have handled firearms. I have fired a Glock, a Magnum, a shotgun and a Bushmaster at a target range. It was fun. I also learned that day that no private citizen in any civilized nation should ever have the right to carry one of these corpse-makers in public. No way"....You sound like a typical college student who is naive enough to believe the world, and fellow Americans for that matter, want to hold hands and settle everything through dialogue and a hot cup of coffee...Have you ever been in a hazardous situation in which another human being is attempting to inflict death upon you? Have you ever had to make a split second decision to save a loved one? Have you EVER been to downtown or been in the ghettos of Europe? Head on over to Compton or downtown Miami and ask for hugs and kisses, I'm sure they will be happy to oblige. Perhaps having six family members in law enforcement weighs heavily on my opinion? And I hear about murder, burglaries robberies and scumbags that are just ten miles south of my house every day? *shrug* I'm an ignorant Miami boy, what can I say.

"But I use my gun to hunt!" comes an indignant cry."...Please, the only guns that excuse can be utilized for should be assault rifles, which I AM against. Hand guns are used for self defense, assault rifles are used for devastation. Sure hand guns CAN be used to kill, but so can knives, air coolant, forks, cars, baseball bats etc. Why aren't those items "corpse-makers"? Because they are household items? Thats just like an ignorant argument with a pothead...."BUT DUDE, MARIJUANA DOESN'T KILL, ALCOHOL DOES, LEGALIZE IT BRAH!"... But hey, when those three men enter my house in the middle of the night, I'm not going to ask them to come at me one at a time, I'll just blow them all away because I'm aware and armed. YOU can stick to your sticks and stones and attempt to make peace with them. Yes, there have been door-kick-ins, robberies, burglaries and auto-vandalisms throughout my neighborhood. I'm not paranoid, I'm just well informed.

Any lunatic who intends to get their hands on a gun to massacre a people WILL get that gun, regardless of any bans or laws attempting to impede on their parade. So when that individual decides to show up, I want to make sure I'm prepared to drop his ass before he beats me to it. Is there really so much wrong with that? Does calling me a sissy or "frightened" person make me any less intelligent or prepared? I'd like to think not.

"And if you're so gawddamned frightened all the time -- sleep with a nightlight."....OR we can just arm ourselves and laugh from afar when a hippie gets their shit punched in by 6'9 Billy Bob the suicidal machete wielding next door neighbor....

This isn't a politically biased attack, my opinion is more about your stance on guns. I'm not a republican, I just enjoy playing devils advocate, regardless of which side I'm playing on. Don't let one stupid ass right-winger lead you to believe the entire team is full of nutcases. (Contrary to common belief, there exists SOME potential within the GOP. Little, but it exists!)

The internet is liberal/democrat dominant. The only reason I make posts like this is because anything against the Obama agenda or democrat/liberal ideology gets tons of attention!....and flame of course.

Overall, your post would definitely appeal to any left wing Rush Limbaugh hating reader. I'm unbiased, and only looking for confrontation. Should you possess the capability to maintain a conversation without turning it into a flame-war, we can continue to debate, OR, we can agree to disagree...Cheers!

FYI - I despise Rush Limbaugh. Let it be known.


Ashley Star said...

here here! I believe it was in Texas, maybe some other Southern state, where they have now made it legal to carry guns into bars...

weaponry+booze=HORRIBLE idea.

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

In reply to K.M.'s comment, I've been in countless hazardous situations, and it wasn't a gun that got me out of them, it was my BRAIN and my feet that got me out safely. I used my head, and much as you won't accept it, dialogue does work -- though, not as well as some fast feet.

Your line "The internet is liberal/democrat dominant" says it all -- that's one of the most ludicrous statements ever made on this blog.

But, thanks for reading!

Ricky Barnes said...

It is amazing that all these guns are showing up at obama or health care reform rallies and town halls.

Just where is the common sense when you need it most.

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

Read a great quote today that pointed out when liberals were angry (over specific, illegal and immoral actions) with George W. Bush, they talked about impeachment. When conservatives are angry about President Obama, they talk about violence.