Monday, August 24, 2009

Where monsters are made -- in Ivy League schools

Do you want to know where the monsters of modern life come from? The Ivy League schools of the United States.

Who are these monsters? Wall Street and American intelligence agencies.

A recent writing project necessitated some research about the CIA. As I did my reading, something occurred to me: the same epic incompetence, greed, sociopathic/psychopathic behavior exhibited by the CIA in its torturing, democracy-overthrowing history mirrors the behavior witnessed in recent years on Wall Street. How Wall Street traders and financiers gleefully, and without accountability, tank our economy, and then feel justified and entitled to receive millions of dollars in bonuses for their misdeeds. What do these two groups of miscreants have in common? So many of them come from Ivy League schools.

One CIA hero I was reading about was Dan Mitrione. He may not have been Ivy League educated, but the men who recognized, encouraged and employed his particular "talents" surely were. Mitrione was a small-town cop who joined the FBI, and later, the CIA. He was regarded as an expert in "harsh interrogation techniques." In fact, Mitrione was so proficient at mistreating human beings, he was sent to South America in the late 1960s by the CIA to train others to better mistreat human beings. One of Mitrione's signature tactics was taking very fine wire, which was attached to an electrical source, placing the ends of that fine wire in between a person's teeth and then applying electric shocks. Done in the name of freedom and goodnenss, democracy and God, no doubt.

In 1970, Mitrione was kidnapped by "terrorists" and murdered. About Mitrione, the CIA said that he exemplified the highest principles of the police profession. Right.

The "perfect storm" of this sociopathic, psychotic, remorseless inhumanity and epic incompetence of the Ivy League was embodied in George W. Bush (Yale and Harvard educated) who is noted, far and wide, for his efforts to tank the economy and his deeply held disrespect for human life.

Having never come within a hundred miles of an Ivy League school, I have to wonder, what the hell are they teaching people there?

Learn more about forgotten CIA hero Dan Mitrione

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