Monday, July 05, 2010

Police Car Torched Outside of G(angster)20 Summit

Nobody has to convince me that there are assholes in the world.

I believe citizens have every right in the world to peacefully protest, particularly against an entity like the G(angster)20, which seems to cost us more and more jobs every time they meet.

The image of the police cruiser burning in Toronto during the demonstrations was certainly a potent image. I'm curious about the circumstances surrounding it being torched.

For instance, why was the car left unattended? I would have thought the police would keep better track of their equipment.

This isn't sarcasm.

Besides there being a shotgun inside the cruiser, there is the MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) laptop -- with all kinds of sensitive data on it -- zip ties, the radio, not to mention the vehicle itself, which could be driven off, or into a crowd or a building.

So, how did this cruiser get stranded?

Were the cops surrounding it overrun by rioters?

Because the battle in the streets of Toronto was only one arm of the PR battle being waged over TV, print media and the Internet between The Establishment and The Citizenry.

The image of a burning police car was like a grenade blast in that battle, going off in the face of the protesters.

Was the cruiser purposely left in a vulnerable spot so the authorities could avail of that potent image of lawlessness?

I have no idea. If someone know what happened, please let me know.

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