Friday, August 13, 2010

500th Blog Post -- Youthanasia: Generation Zero

In a perverse way, there's something gratifying about the way the parents of Generation Zero -- those out utuero beings who are between the ages of 11 and 20 -- have no faith or trust in the institutions of society.

Sort of.

The parents still send their kids to school. Some send their kids to church and a few even to play on sports teams. Old habits die hard. But the parents no longer believe anyone but themselves is infallible.

Their kid does badly on a test -- it's the teacher's fault.

Little baby Jeezus doesn't do well in sports -- the coach is deficient.

"Mini me" is getting fat -- he or she isn't getting enough exercise at school!

Smiling shiny Johnny gets a job in an office, but the big, bad boss denies him access to Facebook -- time for Captain Parent to make a few phone calls!

Like George Carlin, I'm an entropy fan. It's interesting and entertaining for me to see the old structures breaking down.

What I can't stand is denial.

Parents want to raise their kids in anti-bacterial little hives of hugs and cookies and endless, empty praise, where they're free to do whatever they please. But let's not have any illusions about what the end result will be: full-grown, whining, useless, over-indulged blobs.

Parents who grew up in an era of rules and responsibility have systematically dismantled all those troublesome character-building demands of daily life, like homework, detentions -- like just about any form of discipline that used to make a school an actual place of education.

Among their greatest victories is the abolishment of kids failing a grade; being held back to repeat a grade due to poor performance.

The reasoning is that it will negatively affect kids socially.


I think striving, competitive yuppie parents can't deal with being the parents of a kid who's been held back. It makes for awkward conversation when one's out "to market" or at the tennis club.

And clearly the well-being and welfare of children is not the priority when all the normal tools of discipline are removed from the classroom.

Nowadays, parents can even appeal their kids' suspension.

As a consequence, we've got the bulk of Generation Zero lumbering inexorably toward adulthood where they will become voters (at least, have the ability if they don't actually avail of the right), drivers, drinkers and parents.

Now Teens Say Driving Without Distractions Is Boring.

My central problem with our culture is not only that sanity has become irrelevant, it's increasingly become a liability.


Macphisto said...

"Parents who tell their kids to use their "indoor voice" should take their own advice." - Lucas Campbell. Have you ever noticed they are the ones yelling at their kids?

"Parents, in order to teach patience, one must not lose it." - Lucas Campbell

Macphisto said...

Congrats on your 500th blog too!

bobloblawdb said...

hopefully things will go back to the days of the strap and teachers betting the shitout of little trouble makers, and please some one tell me why they don't keep score in kids sports games what's the point if no one loses it builds character

Mike Cane said...