Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Putting the "Mind" in "Minden" one white supremacist at a time

From "MINDEN, Ont. — A private Canada Day weekend party in Minden, Ont., with the theme 'White Village to White Village' is being unfairly portrayed as a white supremacist gathering, its organizer says."

White supremacists get such a bad wrap.

They go to all the trouble of living life as several different races, trying it out as a black person, Asian, Native Canadian, maybe even Indian. Then, when they tabulate their experiences, and decide that life as a caucasian person was preferable, everyone gets all pissy and judgmental.

Worse, people just naturally assume that anything John Beattie, a white supremacist and former head of the Canadian Nazi Party, does is racially motivated.

Can no one get a fair shake in this hopelessly small-minded, prejudiced country?

Worst of all is that the White Power movement in Canada continues to overshadow the more progressive, intellectual Caucasian Exuberance movement.

What's the difference between the two movements?

"The difference is night and day," says Whit Blancman, spokesman for the Caucasian Exuberance chapter of Swastika, Ontario. "We dress better. We're often more physically fit than our White Power counterparts. We don't wear wife-beater shirts, burn crosses or believe ourselves better than people of other races.

"In fact," Blancman continued, "we promote unity among all people. Anyhow, I don't see why we're focusing on such trivial matters when all of our thoughts and prayers should be with Knut."

Reached for comment, John Beattie said, "Fuck Knut!"

Responding to Beattie's comment, Blancman was quoted as saying, "Fuck Beattie for saying 'Fuck Knut'!"

In other news, Beattie's efforts to reform the 1916 Canadian men's hockey team, the Windsor Swastikas has also come under fire.

This guy cannot catch a break!


InAmazment9 said...

Who knew that the Spits were once known as the swastikas? Go Knut!

Whetam Gnauckweirst said...

Yeah, it was Spitfires -- among other things -- we used to defeat the Nazis.

History is strange.

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