Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fashion Week in the Hotdog Factory

This modest piece titled "Archangel" elegantly showcases the wearer's navel, while diminishing the distraction of the face (human faces are so 1980s).

Perfect for traveling on public transportation, or on those days when one feels like "blending into the crowd."

The "fashion tube" is perfect for agoraphobics re-integrating into society. It's also the ideal gift for retired city workers who miss the glamor and hustle-bustle of working in sewers.

Goes great with a tool belt!

For the ultimate in urban wear, there is now the "build it and they will wear it" building suit.

Made of authentic rubble and deteriorated building materials from the most famous failing cities, this new line of urban wear is perfect for nightclubbers and people-on-the-go-but-prefer-to-look-like-stationary-objects.

Upcoming additions to this line will include "crumbling theatre" "New Jersey warehouse" and "abandoned mental hospital."

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