Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Reps Paul Ryan & Eric Cantor weigh in on Alameda man who drowned in full view of police and fire fighters

Budget Czar, Rep. Paul Ryan applauded Alameda, California police and firefighters this past weekend when that city's fiscal responsibility led to decertifying its rescue personnel for water rescues -- which led to members of both the police force and fire brigade standing on shore watching a suicidal man drown.
ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) -- Alameda police and firefighters stood by and watched as a man drowned off Crown Beach in Alameda on Monday. Authorities are now trying to explain why they had no choice but to stand on the shoreline.
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The Alameda Fire Department says budget constraints are preventing it from recertifying its firefighters in land-based water rescues. Without it, the city would be open to liability.
"That's how the cookie crumbles," a buoyant (no pun intended) Paul Ryan commented after hearing the story. "Human beings are just not cost effective and it's a travesty that hard-working tax payers have subsidized them all these years. What a relief that this blight is finally coming to an end."

News of fire fighting and police personnel standing idly by, watching a suicidal man drown, has lit up the Internet.

After the story went viral, "Alameda, California, has immediately changed its policies after first responders watched a man drown in San Francisco Bay and did nothing to rescue him", according to CNN.

Hearing this development, House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor said, "Well, that's very disappointing. Doesn't the city of Alameda know where in a budget crisis?"

Cantor shook his head, obviously frustrated and exasperated by this news. "We take one step forward only to take two steps backward. This is very, very regrettable."

Ryan lamented, "Does no one else have the moral fortitude of the Tea Party?"

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