Saturday, February 27, 2010

The "C" in IOC stands for "Condemnation"

Old women wept and children screamed. The weak and the lame were trampled in the stands.

All of this occurred as Canada's women's hockey team celebrated its gold medal win on the ice after the game.

For the time those female hockey players drank beer and champagne, and smoked cigars on the rink, the terrorists won.

I mean, think of it, remember it -- women, cigars, drinking, celebrating . . . in an empty stadium.

Western civilization teetered. The stock market dipped. More homes than otherwise might've been foreclosed upon were foreclosed upon.

* * *

The IOC and its "condemnation" of the Canadian Women's hockey team celebrating their gold medals should, itself, be given the gold medal for hypocrisy.

This, from an organization whose members are notoriously corrupt, bribe-soaked, wined-and-dined (and doubtlessly sixty-nined) to the nth degree by countries that can barely afford their leaders' wardrobe.

The IOC should stick to padding its Swiss bank accounts and leave the moral outrage to others.

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