Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dress-down flag day

The pikers had struck for the last time.

The social committee was unanimous on the subject: "I mean, the two dollars goes to charity, for gawd's sake!" Sheila said, speaking for everyone.

But people were cheating. A rough head count in the cafeteria confirmed it -- people were wearing jeans to work on Dress Down Friday and not paying the two dollars, charitable contribution.

So, Sheila and the social committee rolled out their solution: every person who paid their two dollars to their soc-com rep received a four foot flag. The flag came with a strap so it could be worn. Don't pay your two dollars, you don't get a flag. The pikers would be weeded out.

Sure, the flags cost $42 a piece, but there was a principle on the line.

"They're reusable," Sheila had said to the managing director who had to approve the $3,696 expenditure. "We're all adults. I can't see anyone wrecking the flags. And I don't think there's much chance of people wearing them home -- they'll get in the way if someone tries getting into their car while they're still wearing it." Sheila tapped her right temple indicating she had thought of all the angles.

"I mean, to cheat a charity," Sheila said, in closing, to the managing director. "How low can you go?"

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