Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another unwanted verbal stool sample from his majesty, Jean Chrétien

To the Liberal Party of Canada:

Do you see the crooked mouth in this picture? That's where your votes are going in each election.

That mouth is an open window, a breach in time and space. It's a black hole. It sucks up only one thing from this world: votes.

The Liberal Party of Canada is the party of Jean Chrétien, that barnacled, corrupt, career politician who is the very face of political entitlement, arrogance and crass, ugly ambition.

He draws his opulent, undeserved tax-payer funded pension.

His name is in our history text books.

But now he wants respect. Jean Chrétien has done nothing to deserve respect.

He might use a little bit of his twilight years to figure just where that $1 billion "misplaced" by the HRDC went. He might reflect upon his position as the George W. Bush of Canadian politics.

Leave it to the Chrétien ego to chastise the voting public.

O, to be a Liberal these days. At least Brian Mulroney took his party with him when he cut and run, leaving Kim Campbell to take that election right on the chin. That was the one time I really felt that Canadian democracy works -- the Progressive Conservatives were not only defeated at the polls, they were voted out of existence.

If only that had happened to the Liberal Party after Chrétien cut and run and left Paul Martin to take that election on the chin.

I hate Stephen Harper. I hate the conservative party. I hate the Liberal Party even more because you're so weak and unfocused, so spaghetti-spined and fastened to political correctness, that we'll probably have the conservative party leading things here for quite some time. Stephen Harper will probably never win a real mandate, but he's proven that he doesn't have to. It's not like he has any meaningful opposition.

I'm sure Michael Ignatieff is absolutely chafing to flee Canada once again and sign on to the payroll of some cushy think tank int he United States. He's probably in constant reverie thinking of all the upper crust gobshites in England with whom he could be tutting and hurumphing at this very moment.

Instead, he's left to captain this ship of fools.

Please pass my thanks to Jean Chrétien for reminding Canadians like me just why I despise the Liberal Party of Canada: because of the stench of your arrogance, your execrable sense of entitlement, and your intolerably bloated, bilious blowhard platitudes.

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