Monday, May 24, 2010

Smarmmit: for those who take their Internetting seriously

Let the Philistines have their low-brow photographs of harlots and drunkards, their base stories of sexual perversion, their inane links to blogs and frivolous entertainment news.

Smarmmit is the thinking Interwebber's place to commune with fellow Internetters who are, let's face it, a cut above.

Yes, it's inevitable that the rabble will find their way into our pristine galleria of the mind, posting their rank videos of tavern punch-ups and skateboarding mishaps.

Smarmmit is ready for them.

With only down-vote arrows available, smarmy Internetters have the ability to vote everything out of existence.

You don't like the cut of a certain bloke's jib? Down vote him and his execrable post.

Weary of the sentimentalists' prattle? Use that lovely violety-mauve down-vote arrow to puncture their overwrought hearts.

Have you been whittled down to your last serviceable nerve by a frustrated comedian's gross and/or lame attempts at humor? Use that down-vote arrow for what it was meant to be used: vote the lout into the outer begone.

Society has taken away our leper colonies and debtors' prisons, but it cannot take away our down-vote arrows!

Life is too short and the Internet is too small for us to bear with the bawdy, the licentious, the crude and superficial.

The thinking Interwebber's arrow is the down-vote arrow. Use it!

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