Saturday, May 01, 2010

Suppressed video of simpler, more orderly time, wrenched from the hands of Obamaviks

There is no greater example of government intrusion into the lives of ordinary citizen than the bane of every driver: traffic laws.

Above is an example of how smooth the world ran in 1905 before the execrable invention of the traffic light, before the proud, paved faces of our roads were scarred with asinine yellow lines, white lines, dashed lines.

Traffic is a naturally self-regulating system.

If only Alan Greenspan were made Traffic Czar, he would set everything straight. He was the man who didn't believe fraud in the stock market should be punished -- that the market would always correct itself. He was the pure-minded believer in man's innate desire to do good and be just.

Watch the video embedded above and see the majestic, almost arterial flow of traffic; an unchoreographed ballet of man and beast and machine sharing the roadway. The only thing that could add to its pastoral beauty is if children were playing in the roadway, as they surely did with the perfect knowledge that the wise and careful adults driving cars and commanding horse drawn carriages would look out for them.

The Obamaviks have long suppressed this rare film footage, and right they should have! It completely nullifies their every argument for government intervention.

This film shows that government is completely unnecessary. That people can govern themselves. If there is a building on fire somewhere in the city, citizen would know how to organize themselves into an effective fire brigade.

Leave us free to carry our own guns, and crime would be eradicated over night.

Let common sense prevail and watch disease and accidental injury disappear, and thus the need for socialized health care and the ruination of the United States of America.

Let each citizen be their own judge and jury, their own constable and justice of the peace, and watch this nation in turmoil revert back to the tranquil, orderly, Edenic place we see in this suppressed video.

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