Friday, August 27, 2010

Reddit wasn't purchased by Conde Nast, it was adopted and turned into the Oliver Twist of social news sites

Even Rupert Murdoch knows, you don't buy a business to tank it. When media gargoyle News Corp. purchased The Wall Street Journal, Murdoch (if he can be believed) said he had no intention of turning it into the print edition of Fox News.

Conde Nast didn't so much buy, as it adopted it and made it the red-haired bastard child of its media brood.

Conde Nast won't give Reddit any allowance money with which to buy a few more servers.

Conde Nast won't put a few bucks in Reddit's birthday card so a few more programmers can be hired (OK, I've seen the "Now Hiring" on Reddit, but I'd bet a Starbucks barista would earn more than that position will pay).

Conde Nast won't allow Reddit to use the car (in this case, Conde Nast-owned images).

What else explains the Oliver Twist treatment Reddit gets from Conde Nast?


And now Reddit can't even run ads promoting the legalization of marijuana.

Of course not.

Gray-haired-love-withholding-daddy, Conde Nast, won't let Reddit do anything that's fun!

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gene said...

damn weird internet companies running afoul of everything i love and cherish