Thursday, October 28, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Sex Offender who served 18 months and received pardon may not have been rehabilitated!

It's enough to shake the foundations of a Canadian jurist's core beliefs.

That, after a scathing tongue-lashing and 18 months in prison, a convicted sex offender appears not to have been rehabilitated.

Worse, the Canadian pardon system appears to have been "gamed" by this master criminal, bringing into question just what supernatural safeguards need to be in place to bar future criminal prodigies from similarly slithering through the iron mesh of the Canadian judicial system.

For anyone who's been in a vegetative state or lives under a rock, Canada has been rocked by the story of disgraced former hockey coach, Graham James, being arrested on new sex charges.

It defies the comprehension.

I mean, just because it's a proven, unequivical fact that pedophiles are incurable, utterly incapable of being rehabilitated, it beggars the imagination to think that a Canadian judge's tongue-lashing and stern, wagging index finger wasn't enough to curb Mr. James (allegedly) dark ways.

Consider this:
[Graham] was sentenced to 31/2 years.

He served 18 months in prison before quietly applying for, and receiving, a pardon in 2007 that allowed him to travel freely around the world.
Canada has one of the most just, considered, educated, unflappable, sober, measured, cool-eyed judicial systems in this world and most of the solar system.

But is it any match to masterminds such as Graham James?

Most legal observers during Mr. James' trial wondered how he physically survived the stern reprimand, cocked eyebrow and disappointed tone of voice of the presiding judge. In most cases, the accuseds simply expire from the weight of their wrongs.

But not Mr. James.

He is cut from stronger, more diabolical stuff.

And then there's Mr. James' pardon.

No one disagrees that part of Canada's standing as the most just and reasoned nation state in most of the Milky Way hinges on its pardon system for convicted criminals.

Long after the feelings and troublesome scars, injuries and blah-blah-blah of crime victims have been whisked away, the Crown must consider the feelings and future of its offenders. Hence, the very practical, no-country-should-be-without-it pardon system that expunges those problematic wrinkles in one's criminal record so that they may go on to lead long and happy lives.

J'accuse Mr. James!

He has shat upon this most holy and just attribute of Canada's foundation in fairness and free-thinking.

The question remains, however: How? How did Mr. James retain (allegedly) this evil within him after going through the steel-wool-scrub-brush-car-wash that is Canada's judicial system, where rehabilitation is the by-word?

How did Mr. James (allegedly) spend 18 months in one of Canada's finest personality spas, receive a pardon (which is very much open to pedophiles and sex offenders, lest their fragile feelings be hurt) and then (AND THEN) . . . and then (allegedly) turn around reoffend?


His (alleged) actions defy the logic of keeping sex offenders locked up for the absolute least amount of jail time possible.

His (alleged) reoffense flies in the face the power of judicial tongue-lashings, calls into question everything upon which Canadian society stands: coddling criminals, light sentences, pardons for all.

Mr. James' (alleged) case casts the cold shadow of doubt upon this age-old wisdom.

No. Please, no. It mustn't. It must never. No. Never. Light sentences, coddling, pardons -- they work. Mr. James is just an (allegedly) ugly exception to a rule ingrained like the words of Moses upon the Canadian mind.

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