Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sasquatch Jerky: Where the hell is PETA when we need them?

Never mind the dodo bird or the blue-billed flat-footed snark.

There is no animal more rare or endangered in this world than the Sasquatch.

And yet, some irresponsible free-marketeer has not only captured the few remaining Sasquatches roaming our remote, mountain passes, he's making jerky out of them!

I'm no vegetarian. I'll eat a Spam sandwich alongside the most dedicated carnivores, but what I will never is consume the flesh of so rare and mysterious a creature as the legendary Sasquatch.

Hell, I didn't even know we had confirmation of their existence until I saw this abomination standing on my local convenience store counter.

Rather than putting one of these creatures on exhibit where law-abiding, curious, science-minded folk could gawk, poke and throw M&Ms at it, our few remaining Sasquatches are being eaten the rancid, turpentine-in-their-veins jerky crowd.

Hopefully this blog will mobilize the militant arm of crypto zoologists to take action against this outrage.

Until then I'm going to grudgingly enjoy a plateful of baby seal kebabs.

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blank said...

ace post, id have a seal kebab anyday