Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The new iPhone home pregnancy test

Learn faster than ever that your daughter won't be going to college due to an unplanned pregnancy!

Introducing the new iPhone Home Pregnancy Test!

It's easy!
  1. Download the app from the iPhone App Store

  2. Urinate on your iPhone

  3. See results instantly!
Add some substance to those mother/daughter moments in the kitchen with the new iPhone Home Pregnancy Test.

Abstinence isn't an option and according to Christine O'Donnell, condoms cause AIDS.

"Getting the news" has never been so easy and accurate!


YawningDog said...

"2. Urinate on your iPhone"

Hahaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :D

blank said...

amazing, who says the iphone is a useless peice of shit that doesnt even support bluetooth or SMS!