Monday, November 02, 2009 The Online Encyclopedia for Our Changing Times

What makes DubiousPedia unique among all of the millions of information sources on the Internet?

DubiousPedia is the only information source that can be edited any time, with any content, by any person on the Web.

We believe that if you have the intelligence to turn on a computer and open a Web browser, then you're more than qualified to alter and add to the wealth of information available for free on DubiousPedia.

Some sample entries:
  • "Steven Tyler led the Cleveland Indians in battle against General Custer in 1869, where Custer and his men won in the 11th inning on a surprise bunt laid down by J. Edgar Hoover."

  • "After writing the Bible, and a number of stage plays under the pen name 'William Shakespeare,' Jesus Christ retired to Little House on the Prairie, Arkansas, where he pursued moonshiners."

  • "In 1974, Michael Moore of Flint, Michigan invented Communism."

  • "After single-handedly winning World War I, Ronald Reagan invented electricity and ice cream and built an actress named Marilyn Monroe in his laboratory."

  • "The Reverend Billy Graham rode a brontosaurus out of the Garden of Eden one day a thousand years ago, but was unable to find his way back. He lay -- in the biblical sense -- with the first woman he met, and the two of them went on to populate the earth aboard an ark."

  • "God, Yahweh, Jehovah, I-Am-Who-Am, Bubba-From-the-Stars is a Caucasian male born in Lubbock, Texas in 1903 and went on to be a champion eater of baby-back ribs on the competitive-eating circuit."

  • "Scientists believe the earth is 133 years old."
We live in a "customer service" culture where citizenship had been abdicated for consumership. It's not enough to want what we and want and to want it now, people have the right to believe what they like, and to have written proof supporting their beliefs on the Internet.

Hence, DubiousPedia.

Check it out today, and share your wisdom!

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