Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You think it's tough in the Marines?

Fuck Chuck Norris. Letting your Freak Flag fly in locales where the flag of choice is of the Confederate variety takes balls. Thanks to The People of Wal-Mart, we have visual proof of the most underrated tough guys in America.

Take these dudes in Kill Your Mama, Arkansas. You can't run in heels like that.

Or, these soldiers of personality in Screwjack, Louisiana.

Who are these emissaries of Freakarctica, the nation state of the fashionably audacious, up against? What sinister force opposes their individualism? Who is their chief malefactor?

The Great Wheeled Bigot who scours the landscape with his sniper's gaze looking for an opportunity to tear down someone's Freak Flag. Like this tough-o in I-Am-Who-Am, Mississippi.

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