Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally! Airport security we can believe in!

From The Washington Post:
"To identify potentially dangerous individuals, the Transportation Security Administration has stationed specially trained behavior-detection officers at 161 U.S. airports. The officers may be positioned anywhere, from the parking garage to the gate, trying to spot passengers who show an unusual level of nervousness or stress."
What signs and attributes and behavior are they looking for, which would unmask a potential terrorist?
  • Nervousness and/or stress

  • Carrying "bag-like" items on or around their person

  • Perturbed by delays and cancelations

  • Traveling alone or in small or large groups

  • Appearing preoccupied with "being somewhere else" -- perhaps a place where 72 virgins await them?

  • Flustered or otherwise fidgeting with documents and/or tickets
There have long been sober plans of simply eradicating air travel altogether, but so far no better way to draw these "questionables" into the light of day has been formulated.

Until that day, the unprofitable insanity of airports, airlines and airport security continues.

Pray for the day when real-time X-ray footage of whole neighborhoods can be obtained and scrutinized by security professionals so that the madness of people leaving their homes can end.

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