Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fan Letter to Sawney Beane, wherever you may be

A note that rolled in to the Hotdog Factory this evening:
If you google Sawney-Beane-celtic-windsor, your site is the first one that comes up. It looks as if you know the band, so if you'd be so kind to pass along a message I'd appreciate it.

I went to school in Windsor from 95-99. Probably saw them dozens upon dozens of times. Places like Sandwich Mill, the ditch. I played on the school's rugby team and I think it was at Faces where we once hired them to play for us at a fundraiser.

Anyway, I of course once had their album. I've lived in Montreal for the past decade. In 2001, my downtown apartment got broken into, and all my cd's etc were stolen. Try finding Sawney Beane at a used cd place in Quebec!

I've since moved back to Ontario and about 1 week ago I started humming a song and singing a lyric and wondered why it wasn't on my ipod. Then I remembered who sang this particular song and why I didn't own it. I searched the net for a band home page, and found nothing. So to ebay I went. I found only one person selling the disc and it was listed for $18.89 with a 'make an offer' auction feature. For the bargain price of $5, I'm finally holding their cd once again.

Well, the music plays just as good as it did over 13 years ago. And if I was to read a diary entry from 1996 it couldn't possibly bring to mind any clearer memories of that particular time and that particular place.

So, are they still playing? Have they made any more recordings?

Also, the ebay seller, ironically was based out of Quebec. I'd like to think that I just bought back what was stolen from me almost 10 years ago.

Just thought they might like to know that I haven't heard their album in over ten years, but I still know all the words!


Anonymous said...


Lewis has a new album of tunes forthcoming this year, and t'is damn good. and Kenneth's new band is one of the best I've seen live in Windsor. So no SB, but...


Unknown said...

Good to know! Hopefully they'll discover the Web and we'll be able to find them on here. I'd like to check out that new album

jAKAsso! said...

2020-04-25 quarantine days continue
Today I'm having my first listen to their eponymous 1996 CD album. Yes. Very nice. I have reached out to FaceBook members with the same names hoping to find one of them. If/when I do, I promise to direct them to this page.

Hoffsauce said...

Could you post a picture of the cd cover? I'm the artist of it and I lost a copy over the years.

Hoffsauce said...

Could you post a picture of the cd cover? I'm the artist of it and I lost a copy over the years.