Friday, June 11, 2010

At Heart We're All the Same: The Universality of Stupidity

You mean my community isn't the only one that periodically beats up on teachers? I don't believe it!

But after reading this blog post To: The Honorable Chris Christie, in which a teacher rips the governor a new asshole over criticism that governor recently ladled onto teachers, I see that my community is not a rogue state in its ignorance.

Around here, all it takes is a slow news day for one of the editorial writers to dust off one of the hundredth generation mimeographed screeds about teachers being overpaid, underworked, whiny and pampered.

Sure, I had my fair share of bad teachers when I was in school, but as I entered the workforce -- the wonderful, mythical, streamlined paragon of efficiency: the free market system; corporate life! -- I realized every professional has its requisite number of duds.

It's when politicians start in on teachers that the irony and hypocrisy and downright fuckheadedness truly comes to a head.

Politicians who aren't outright criminals, whores and gangsters are rarer than albino alligators.

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