Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why does the Conservative Party of Canada take Canadian sovereignty for granted?

To my member of parliament:

What is it about Canadian sovereignty that makes the Conservative Party of Canada take it so contemptuously for granted?

We live a good life in Canada. While I often do not agree with the light sentences our justices hand out to violent criminals, I've been gratified that American-styled paranoia hadn't filtered across the border after eight years of George W. Bush (that was, until we hosted the G20 Summit).

I like being subject to Canadian laws, which don't have room for torture, extraordinary rendition, "sneak and peak" searches of my home, detention without charge and particularly that I don't yet have to be fingerprinted in order to enter a grocery store.

But then I read in the Vancouver Sun about Bill C-42.

The bill is preposterous.

I would be apt to say that no self-respecting Canadian would entertain such a bill -- that a foreign country would have power over who boards a flight in Canada -- but then I don't need much reminding that the Conservative Party of Canada is not comprised of self-respecting Canadians.

I'll quote from the article I read to tell you what I find so troubling:
If Bill C-42 passes, then passengers leaving Canada on a flight to Cuba or France, for example, while flying over the U.S. would have their name, birthdate and gender subject to screening by U.S. Homeland Security, which involves running that information through various government databases to determine whether there is a terrorist threat.

If you have the same name as someone on a no-fly list, you may be questioned, delayed or even barred from the flight. If your name does not match, Homeland Security tells the airline that you may have a boarding pass.
I understand that the United States has tumbled in the last decade into a posture where reason is ridiculed, paranoia is policy and all people are guilty until grudgingly proved innocent.

Why are we importing this reprehensible mindset to Canada?

Why are we abdicating our sovereignty in this way?

The Americans also asked (and threatened) Canada to join in their adventure in Iraq in 2003. I recall the American ambassador to Canada at the time making not-so-veiled threats that if Canada didn't join American in its planned atrocity in Iraq, that there would be "repercussions."

Is Canada once again being threatened? If so, why isn't there anyone in the Conservative Party of Canada brave enough and proud enough to be Canadian to stand up for Canada's sovereignty?

There must be favors involved. There must be quid-pro-quo involved.

Or, is Stephen Harper merely nostalgic for the good ole Christo-fascist days of BushCo?

Wouldn't it be funny if there was an American named Stephen Harper who was on a no-fly list, and our own Prime Minister was one day affected by this?

Have you ever interacted with people in charge of the American border? They make up the rules as they go along. Depending on their mood they'll let people enter America or ruin their lives.

Is the Conservative Party of Canada really interested in letting those ham-handed, reactionary thugs meddle in our affairs?

The answer has to be no.

So, why does the Vancouver Sun have it so wrong? Has a prank component been added to Canada Day that I'm unaware of?

Or, does the Conservative Party of Canada really hold Canadians in such contempt?

I suppose I already have my answer.

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