Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GOP Nominee Proposes Landmines For Mexico Border

GOP Nominee Proposes Landmines For Mexico Border

This is just the sort of outside-the-box thinking we need to solve social problems, such as illegal immigration.
Republican nominee for a northern New Mexico congressional seat, Tom Mullins, said in a radio interview: "We could put land mines along the border. I know it sounds crazy. We could put up signs in 23 different languages if necessary." He also suggested that terrorists could carry a nuclear weapon across the Mexican border.
The Mullins Plan, as it's now called among Teabagger groups and patriot units, is ingenious in its simplicity:

Large numbers of Mexicans would be hired to plant the round, disc-like "seeds" of the "Frisbee Tree" along the U.S./Mexico border. They would begin planting these "seeds" near the American side, working their way back into Mexico.

When the work is completed, they would be informed via bullhorn that the "seeds" they planted are, in fact, deadly landmines.

This would expel the first wave of illegal immigrants, it would get those awkward landmines laid, and with the laborers safely out of America, they won't even have to be paid!

As happens with most people who dream up extraordinary ideas, Tom Mullins is hedging on his brilliance:
Asked Monday to clarify, Tom Mullins emphasized that he does not advocate [protecting the American border with landmines].

"I am not suggesting we do that," he told The Associated Press.

. . .

"When I heard it, I said, 'Well, that's an interesting concept,"' Mullins said.
Tom Mullins better make up his mind soon because his idea has caught fire in Arizona, which may steal all of his thunder by instituting the idea before Mullins makes it to the Senate.

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PurpleSquirrel said...

This is bullshit, I want my own Frisbee Tree too! If given one, I would share and plant it on the front lawn of 460 Askin and wait and see what happens. Just sayin'...